We Spend Millions on Prisons But a Pittance for Mental Health

As the old Fram oil filter commercial goes, “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” That, my friends, is the scenario we find ourselves in with the mental health issue in Oklahoma.

  This issue is not as sexy as, say, the Presidential race, but it is one that needs to be addressed. I have heard some at the State Capitol question whether one of government’s core functions is to even screen and treat Oklahomans who are afflicted with some type of mental illness.
  Remember: It has been widely reported that 23-25% of all Oklahomans have some type of treatable mental illness. Our Corrections Department has long been the main filtering device for far too many mental health cases. Our prison’s populations have more than 50% on psychogenic drugs. Only in Oklahoma would we lose a statewide elected official, Labor Commissioner Mark Costello, to a mental health murder by his own child – and then casually kick 73,000 people off the mental health rolls in the same 12-month period, and with very little public outcry.

  It was Donald Trump’s worst election result to date. the Republicans of Utah soundly rejected him, limiting his numbers to under 15% of the statewide totals.Kasich Edges Out Trump For 2nd  John Kasich, the stubborn minor league governor fro…

Pruitt Scorned By Highest Court

The Supreme Court of the United States just dealt the Oklahoma Attorney General a stinging rejection. They voted on a very wide margin, to reject Pruitt’s Colorado Pot case without even hearing it. Pruitt had teamed up with Nebraska’s AG to take on Colorado and seek to end the sale of Cannabis, there.
  Pruitt and other Oklahoma public safety officials had reassigned numerous state troopers to the few remote highways near the panhandle, in hopes of catching folks who might be traveling with pot they purchased in Colorado. The rest of Oklahoma was harmed by the shortage of troopers available to the rest of the Sooner state.

City Hall Attempts Media Blackout

Fox23 declares the new tax idea “Dead In the Water”. From  Michael Bates and other bloggers are again digging up the inconvenient facts about the ill-designed “vision tax” being pushed by elite leftists in the Tulsa Chamber…

Inhofe Endorses 'Climate Change' Kasich

The Detroit Free Press recently endorsed Kasich, in part because of Kasich’s public advocacy of state regulations directed at attempting to control climate change.

“Kasich accepts the reality of climate change. Our planet’s changing climate — and the threat that poses to human life, as it currently exists — is the most pressing issue of our times.” Detroit Free Press

  Inhofe has previously staked his political reputation on challenging the lack of real scientific evidence of both manmade causes of harmful climate swings and real solutions.

“John is my guy. I served with John in Congress”

  Kasich also strongly supports Common Core and a federal control of our state’s education system.

“Kasich has supported Common Core, the nonprofit, nongovernmental effort to improve education in America, characterized by some on the right as a backdoor federal takeover of education.”

  This morning, former senator and recently sentenced felon, Rick Brinkley; posted up this message regarding the scourge of gambling addiction which has become epidemic in Oklahoma. Brinkley had confessed to embezzling over a million dollars from his employer, to fund his casino gambling addiction. 
  Sooner Politics is still awaiting a message from the Oklahoma Indian Casino industry, regarding their ideas and their commitment to help end the scourge of gambling addictions.

Rick Brinkley
March 14 · Tulsa ·
  I’ve spent the better part of the past 72 hours responding to supportive Facebook posts and private messages. All of these expressions of support and kindness are appreciated more than the writers will ever understand.
  However, the most important messages came from people who asked for help with their own gambling addiction. I’ve sent a lot of links to many people.
  If you think you may have a gambling addiction, please know you are not alone. It’s estimated over 150,000 Oklahomans suffer from this addiction. Gambling addiction has the highest rate of successful suicide among all addictions including drugs and alcohol.
  For many, seeking recovery is literally a matter of life or death. If you think you might have a gambling problem, click on the link below and answer 20 easy questions.

  If you are looking to attend a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, please call 855-222-5542 toll free to find the meetings in your area or click on this link
  If you have a family member or loved one who is a compulsive gambler and you don’t know what to do, find your nearest gam-anon meeting.
  If there aren’t any meetings in your area or if you are looking for a private counselor, please visit the website for the Oklahoma Association for Problem & Compulsive Gambling.
You don’t have to continue living in misery.

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