Oklahoma Cop Calls For Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Police officer, Stephen Mills has dedicated his life and career to be an Oklahoma peace officer.
He shares his convictions about maintaining the liberty our republic was founded upon.

It’s not an attack on Law Enforcement nor is it helping the drug cartels. Reform is needed to assure the rights of Oklahoma citizens are protected. It’s not about whether innocent people currently are or aren’t having their property seized. It’s about the way the law is currently written so that innocent people CAN have their property seized.

Too Much Christianity In Tulsa's Uppity Neighborhoods

The Tulsa Frontier’s Kevin Canfield reports on his Hyperlocal blog:

  The Tulsa City Council is facing some conflicting interests in local zoning. The most powerful neighborhood in the city is the Lewis Avenue stretch between 21st & 41st street south. Most of the city’s current and past mayors have lived in this area of old oil mansions.

The building has been at 39th & Lewis Ave, for 50 years.
The expanded auditorium would use part of the front lawn

  Now a church is expanding their auditorium to seat 635 congregants at 3817 South Lewis Avenue. Wha-da-ya know, the locals are complaining that it would cause traffic jams along the 4-lane arterial street on sunday mornings.

Presidential Polling update

30 Day Movement

  Real Clear Politics is a great tool for monitoring the mass of polling data coming at us from all directions.  The 3 fastest growing campaigns are the candidates with no elective experience

  Here’s their compilation of the past 30 days.
  • Carson +7.7
  • Fiorina +4.6
  • Trump +3.5
  • Rubio +1.2
  • Cruz +1.0
  • Christie -0.7
  • Paul -1.7
  • Huckabee -2.8
  • Bush -3.2
  • Walker -4.0

The GOP Chooses A Leader On Oct. 10th

Former Chair Pinnell, Nat. Cmte woman McLarty, Vice Chair Hernandez,
& Chairman Brogdon; on Brogdon’s first day at the helm, last April.

  It’s time to dust off the pages of the OKGOP Rules and get answers to what just happened this week.

  For whatever reasons, the state chairman decided to resign. He intended to make the needed transition more smoothly, by post-dating his resignation to the day of the next State Committee meeting. Unfortunately, our rules don’t currently allow for such conveniences to the state party.

  So today Randy Brogdon announced that he will resign officially on Sept. 10th. Then our interim chairman will be Estela Hernandez (the current state vice chairman).

The Official Call

  Carolyn McLarty, Steve Fair, and Estela Hernandez, sent out this official notice to the members of the State Committee (not to be confused with the state executive committee).

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Pam Pollard ran a close and friendly race for chairman, last spring. After
the returns came in she called on the whole party to work with Brogdon.
  Former OKGOP Vice Chair, Pam Pollard of Oklahoma City, posted the following announcement to social media:


  I am resuming my candidacy for state party chairman after the resignation of current Chair Randy Brogdon. His resignation is effective Sept 10 for the special election on Oct. 10th. Randy’s resignation caught me and many others off guard but I sincerely wish him the very best.

Randy Brogdon Answers Questions About The OKGOP And His Resignation

Resignation Effective Sept. 10th

Updated: Resignation letter included.
  Randy intended to provide the OKGOP a smoother transition directly to a new chairman, but the OKGOP rules do not provide smooth transitions in this scenario. The party most go without an official chairman for a minimum of 30 days before an election of the State Committee. We’ll certainly revisit this rule and fix it at a future opportunity.
  Brogdon said he needs to wrap up a number of ‘loose ends’  for a more orderly ‘passing of the baton’. He assured the candidates running that he will do his best to provide them all the same access to make their case to the state committee members.

  A Mannford area couple are the latest victims of abuses in Civil asset forfeiture. When a law enforcement typo led to the wrong home being raided by Creek County sheriff’s deputies, the innocent couple knew right away that the cops had messed up.

But the deputies ignored all reasoned pleadings and arrested the innocent couple. Then they seized their truck, boat, guns and several other items.

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