Tulsans Revolt Against New Tax Plan

  On April 5th Tulsa voters will be asked to INCREASE the city of Tulsa sales tax rate by 6/10th cent. The question remains:




  The state economy is suffering a sharp and sustained decline.  Collectively, the Oklahoma oil patch economy and state government are suffering, with $113 BILLION in net worth extinguished from balance sheets of our Oklahoma publicly-held oil & gas production companies in the past 12 months.
  Chesapeake, Samson and Anadarko have announced significant layoffs and Samson has filed for bankruptcy. Others will follow.  All this compounded with the state budget projected at a $900 million shortfall for the upcoming year, and higher unemployment the taxpayers are being hit hard.

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Middleground: Substantive Radio Enlightenment

NPR For The Rational Conservative

It’s Tuesday morning, in February. Trent England of OCPA is on a small radio station in the rural outskirts of the OKC metro area. He’s talking about the hypocrisy of government-run gambling ventures. The irony he explains is that the gambling venture was sold to our past Democrat-controlled legislature as a funding source for better education. But Trent’s own children tell jokes about the foolishness of gambling as a solution for personal poverty.

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Super Tuesday - Oklahoma Pride - March 1, 2016

In Oklahoma, it would be bad politics to seek votes by asking them to participate in an SEC Primary. We’re not really sure who’s behind the effort to name the event after the college athletic conference from the southeast, but it really makes no difference who. We’re Okies and we’re againnit!

The 2016 Super Tuesday will be held on March 1.

Since Super Tuesday primaries are typically held in a large number of states from geographically and socially diverse regions of the country, Super Tuesday typically represents a presidential candidate’s first test of national electability. Convincing wins in Super Tuesday primaries have usually propelled candidates to their party’s nomination. The particular states holding primaries on Super Tuesday have varied from year to year.

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  The Tulsa affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI) is set to hold a public forum on Mental Health and the Tulsa Sheriff’s Office. The event is planned for 2-4pm, Sunday.  All of the filed candidates are eligible to partici…

Who Really Is A Reagan Republican?

Barry Goldwater relied on Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckleyto communicate the vision of ‘Conservatism’.  So many politicians who cloak themselves in Reagan’s mantle, once trashed the icon, when it was politically advantageous.  Ron Pa…

The original talebearer and the false accuser.

Ben Carson falsely accuses Cruz For “pushing the narrative that Carson is dropping out”.

  Marco Rubio is found to be pushing a drop out narrative well before the Cruz team was involved. And CNN went public with the rumor, attributing it to correspondent, Chris Moody’s tweet. Carson had no idea that it was his own press statement which led to the speculation. But immediately upon the live report’s airing, Chris Moody issued a clarification tweet.

Dr. Ben Carson and Armstrong Williams made statements to the press.

  The Washington Post has been following the latest in the Ben Carson campaign. Carson has been in Washington for the past day or so, and made severe cuts in his campaign staffing. The article discusses several items and it becomes evident that Armstrong Williams (the controversial confidante who’s campaign activities led to several December top resignations) is further entrenched in the role of speaking on behalf of the Carson campaign.
What follows is an excerpt of that WaPo article.

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Former Rep. Porter Davis Declares OKGOP Vice Chair Candidacy

Another Republican has stepped up to offer his leadership for the vacated office of OKGOP Vice Chairman.  Porter Davis has been an active GOP leader since the early 1980s. He emphasizes local and precinct party activism, constitutional reforms, and policies which reflect the liberties espoused in our nation’s founding documents.

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The full thesis of Mr. Davis’ candidacy is well worth reading and we encourage everyone to study it. Find it here.