Whenever you see one of those idiotic signs on a restaurant or bar, or, of all things, a bookstore, you should at the very least not patronize the place.  What you really ought to do is stand in the door, without entering, and say to the bartender or whoever is in charge (you might have to shout) that it’s been nice doing business with them, but that of course it’s all over now, as their little sign means they no longer want to do business with you.   Or write them a letter saying the same thing.  And include this URL.  Or both.

I found this neat graphic over at Vox Day’s site.  Go there.

Many Oklahomans have learned over the years to predict stormy spring weather. During the early afternoon hours prior to an evening outbreak, we can sense impending storms by the atmosphere, humidity, color of the sky or the heaviness in the air.

A fe…

Ken Walker -- Oklahoma legislator wants to legalize raw milk delivery to homes

“A Tulsa legislator wants to loosen state regulations of raw milk dairies to allow them to deliver directly to consumers. ‘Basically, my hope is that we can make milkmen legal again,’ said Rep. Ken Walker, R-Tulsa. ‘Since these customers already go to the farm, my sole purpose is to let the farmer deliver to the home.’ Committee Chairman Dale DeWitt, R-Braman, said he is uncomfortable with some of the health risks that broadening the availability of raw milk would carry. ‘The risk is very, very low, but if there was any kind of outbreak of anything from the distribution of raw milk, … it would just literally kill the industry,’ he said.”