Readers of these articles are likely familiar with my optimism about Oklahoma’s future. Much of Oklahoma government contains a new wave of policy makers dedicated to reversing old anti-freedom policies that punished the entrepreneurs who dared to creat…

Capitol Steps:  Take Ten Pills and You're Fine

The Capitol Steps and some of their DC spoofs

Uploaded to Youtube on Apr 22, 2010

(over 717,000 views at time of post)

GOT DRUGS? The D.E.A. is calling on Americans to empty their medicine chests and turn in their private stash of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. But what’s more American than self-medication? And how else to make it through election season? Republicans oppose such sweeping confiscations and the “Pledge to America,” taking a limited-government approach, promises to seize only any “unspent stimulus.” Nancy Pelosi explains in song why Congress is not covered by ObamaCare. They have their own plan that gives them special benefits and heavy drug use may be the reason that Congress is so ineffective. “Take Ten Pills and You’re Fine” was written and performed by the Capitol Steps’. Visit the Capitol Steps Website for more information on performances and DVDs.

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for OKGrassroots



GOA on the march

It’s been a busy week at Gun Owners of America.

GOA representatives have covered the airwaves — both radio and TV — and have received frequent invitations from national outlets, including CNN and Fox News.

This week, gun rights were in the news quite a bit: Much of it was encouraging; some was disappointing. What follows is a brief report.


I could hear it in the distance.  “The Pentagon is under attack!” A voice exclaimed.  I could see the destruction, the fire, the rubble. Then in a flash I realized I had been sleeping and that my dreams had been invaded by the panicked expressions of my roommate. I lunged up and forward from out …

R3publicansThe president of the Senate in Colorado is John Morse… and he just admitted defeat in a recall election. He is now the first-ever senator to be successfully recalled.

He was recalled because he helped push anti-gun legislation in the state and openly ignored emails and messages from his constituents. The people decided that he didn’t represent them, he didn’t respect their basic Second Amendment rights, and he wasn’t fit to lead.