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A Call To Nullify

Knowing that his time is short, we are now seeing President Obama’s full rage and wrath towards the Constitution as he issues broad sweeping executive orders that take direct aim at undermining the Rule of Law.

  In 2014, Republicans vowed to the American people that if they were given control of both houses of Congress, they would stop Obamacare and defeat the president’s unconstitutional executive orders concerning immigration.  We all witnessed in utter frustration when the majority of Republicans – including every single member of our Oklahoma congressional delegation NOT NAMED JIM BRIDENSTINE – do an amazing impression of French military leadership by promptly surrendering to the nation’s adversary, and vote to fully implement the Obama Agenda.

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Watching the Real Debate at the Faux Debate - #RandRally trending

Most of you probably know by now about the media/RNC effort to exclude Rand Paul from their propaganda circus. Rand Paul and his team took it to the people tonight. Here is a snapshot of some of his folks on the ground for the RNC meeting watching him livestream a Townhall style debate on periscope with Twitter at the Twitter HQ in NYC.

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I Fear For The Future - And I'm Not Alone

Just recently, a topic of discussion on a national list-serve of which I’m a member, turned to "project-based learning". I HATE PBL, which is essentially a way for the type ‘A’ personalities to show their stuff and the laziest students to hide behind their work. 

Project-Based Learning (PBL) has a very long history that goes all the way back to John Dewey – a Marxist Progressive…