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Session is racing by with only five or six weeks left depending on when we adjourn. If we can get all of the bills taken care of and a budget approved, we could possibly end session early, which would save the state money.  Given our revenue shortfall, every penny we can save is a blessing.

As of Friday morning, the governor had signed nearly 70 bills including HB 1749, which I carried in the Senate.  It prohibits any state agency from making payroll deductions on behalf …

Common Core Chaos Debate at OWU Tuesday Nov 11th

Jenni White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education


Michael Petrilli of Fordham Institute

The Greatest Fight in Education History: Common Core Chaos?

Tuesday, November 11th @7PM

Oklahoma Weslayan University

Editor’s note: “We sure need to eliminate the Department of Education.”

Mises Institute presents: Four Things That The State Is Not, by Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Conversational in tone and packed with incredible information, this is perhaps Tom Woods finest and most entertaining video presentation. (h/t Charles Burris via email)

This video is both fun and educational too — Tom Woods at his best on The State and what it is not! #R3s #4life #4liberty enjoy~ (@scrosnoe on twitter)

creating the workforce today

Some time ago I created the meme above based on the notion we’ve been fed by the Chambers of Commerce that Common Core is necessary in order to train kids for jobs. Since the standards were forced onto the national scene through Obama’s Race to the Top application, the rallying cry has been that business in America is suffering because we are not properly educating our children to be workers. We must have an educated workforce in order to stimulate our economy.

Once Common Core was repealed in Oklahoma, and the process created by which new standards will be established, Oklahoma is now officially free of Common Core. Or are we?

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Common Core Repealed Question MarkAs you probably know in late June a lawsuit was filed with the Oklahoma Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of House Bill 3399 which scrapped Common Core in Oklahoma.

The petitioners in this lawsuit include parents, teachers, and members of the state board of education (Ford, Baxter and Keating).

I find this lawsuit to be one of the most blatant examples of two-faced behavior I have ever seen.

The petitioners claim that “HB 3399 allows the Legislature to encroach on the authority granted to the Board in the Oklahoma Constitution – to supervise instruction in public schools – by giving the Legislature exclusive authority to rewrite and approve the State’s subject matter standards for instruction in public schools.”

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