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Part 1, which I sent out a couple of weeks ago, dealt with the statequestions which totally fill the back side of the ballot. Everyonegets to vote on the state wide candidates, however, OCPAC is astatewide organization with members and readers all over…

Charlie Meadows: Extra news and views...

With the lengthy group of announcements in yesterday’s e-mail, Ifailed the mention the Ada Tea Party which will meet tonight, October26th at the Pontotoc Technology Center, 601 West 33rd in theIndustrial Arts Classroom. The meeting will begin at 6:30…

OCPAC: Oklahoma's Best Political Ad for the Year

++ CHARLIE’S PICKS++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING++ SO FAR, OKLAHOMA’S BEST POLITICAL AD FOR THE YEAR++ ANNOUNCEMENTS++ CHARLIE’S PICKS I am being bombarded with questions about when the infamous “Charlie’sPicks” will be out. Hopefully it will be sometime Wednesday evening, but probably Thursday.

OK-SAFE State Question Summary for Nov. 2, 2010 Ballot

There is tremendous interest about the upcoming November 2, 2010 election in Oklahoma.  In addition to all the state-wide races, there are 11 state questions to be decided.  Some of these questions, like SQ 744 on Education Funding, have gotten a lot of attention and have been discussed in depth by other groups.  (We like to […]

Our enemy comes in many guises and uses diverse tactics to keep us bewitched and enslaved. Deception and Fear are first order tactics. Like two sides of the same coin, they keep us misdirected and/or passive. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, …

Tribute to Ron Paul from The Atlantic oft called the Brain of the TeaParty

It does not seem at all far-fetched to think that Paul could have a much greater impact on the race than last time. The Republican primaries are sure to be about economic and size-of-government issues. The subject that hurt him last time, foreign policy, will probably take a backseat. Paul will not lack for resources, thanks to his legion of online donors. Reagan, the Republican hero, once endorsed him. And the party’s energy right now is at the grass roots, which also bodes well for him. If his economic message connects in Iowa and New Hampshire—well, who can say?

Meanwhile, the country is losing faith in its economic leaders. “I feel really good about what’s happening,” he told me. “I never dreamed of a day when so many people would be thinking about the Federal Reserve. I can draw crowds of thousands! The first time I mentioned Austrian economics when I spoke at the University of Michigan, they started to applaud. I thought, What in thunder is happening? What’s happening is, the education is occurring.”

Paul looked rapturous, and he leaned forward. “Two years ago,” he said, “if you’d had somebody come in and do what you should do on the recession, they’d probably be impeached in a week. But attitudes are changing—people are understanding economics differently.”