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Congress Can and Should Still Defund Planned Parenthood

Rather than confront Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama, some Republicans in Congress have asserted that defunding Planned Parenthood is impossible. In October, I asked the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) to examine Congress’ ability to defund Planned Parenthood. The CRS report unequivocally shows that Congress can indeed stop federal funding to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates should it choose to do so. It’s a question of will and commitment to principle.

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Consolidating County School Districts Saves Millions Yearly

An updated article from January 2015. 

A Tale Of Two Counties: Carter & Tulsa

It is often somewhat hard to conceptualize the effect of restructuring Oklahoma’s 531 public school districts. to that end, Sooner Politics’ researchers  sampled two very stark contrasts in educational administration.

Owasso is a growing city in the far outreaches of Tulsa County. Their 11 schools are a part of one district with 9600 students and a very good superintendent who makes a very good salary. His teachers perform well in the classroom and state testing demonstrates  it through standardized testing.

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Congratulations to the TLE Commission for getting Student Surveys Right!

The TLE Commission was set up under SB 2033. Remember that was the bill from 2010 that gave us Common Core and started the crazy train of multiple “reforms” and the drain sucking sound of education dollars and instruction time. After attending and observing the Teacher and Leader Evaluation Commission meetings for several years now, I feel we had a small win last week. At the Nov 5, 2015 TLE Commission meeting, Student Surveys as a Quantitative measure was voted down. Had this passed, all districts would have been able to choose to evaluate teachers and potentially fire teachers based on a student perception of the teacher, including as young as kindergarten! However, because the vote failed, Student Surveys will NOT be recommended to the State Board of Education as a Quantitative measure for the state Teacher Evaluation system. Congratulations is deserved to the Commission for getting this one right!….

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My Civil Asset Forfeiture Story

Yesterday evening, while enjoying a plate of carnitas at Chimi’s in Tulsa, I listened to State Senator Kyle Loveless (R-OKC) describe his bill to reform civil asset forfeiture laws in Oklahoma. Senate Bill 838 would put a stop to Oklahoma law enforcement agencies seizing and keeping people’s property without going to the trouble of convicting — or even charging — the property owners with a crime. If you are unfamiliar with the practice of civil asset forfeiture, then you should become educated.

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Spartan College offers first FAA approved aviation maintenance program for transitioning military

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology officials announced Friday the launch of a new aviation maintenance program designed to allow members of the U.S. armed forces to get a head start on a civilian career before exiting the military.

The program is the first of its kind to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and is designed to fill a specific need with respect to people who are transitioning out of the military, said Peter Harris, CEO of Spartan Education Group.

The program allows active-duty military members to take classes part time and online during the first portion of the aviation maintenance course. The distance education portion makes it possible for a service member leaving the military to complete the Aviation Maintenance Technology course in seven months after active duty rather than the normal 15 months.

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Progressive/Constructivist Math STINKS ON ICE

The idea of Constructivist/Progressive math is that kids must know why they are getting the answer they record on their worksheet in order to be able to learn. The emphasis is on the WHY, not the HOW. The bottom line is this: math requires SPECIFIC knowledge of SPECIFIC concepts. Math is a language and in order to speak the language you have to memorize its terminology. Can you imagine speaking Spanish by – instead of memorizing the vocabulary – explaining what every Spanish word means? No one would ever converse! Every student must know 6×5 is 30. Yes, it’s good to know why, but why isn’t going to solve a problem on an exam, rote memory of the equation 6×5=30 will accomplish that. Math is black and white – 6×5=30 upside down, on the moon or in Zanzabar – that will NEVER change.

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