The Politics Of How To Smoke

 The emblem on Oklahoma’s revered state flag includes the prominent centerpiece of a smoking pipe. If this device is so fundamental to who we are, as a state, then why is there so much drama, lately, about the bedrock tradition involving a pipe?   Every culture has it’s own traditions about what to smoke and how to smoke it. But never has there been so much consternation and obsession about telling folks:where to smoke,how much to smokewhat device to useho […]

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This afternoon, the Democrat House leader, Scott Inman, accused Senate President Pro-Tem, Mike Schultz a liar. Democrats were in private discussions with  republican legislative leaders and Gov. Fallin. When Inman stepped out to discuss the Republican budget offer with the Senate Democrat leader, they were eventually called back and told that the deal was off; “Because the Republican rank & file members refused to su […]

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Are They Really Out to Get Trump?

Sometimes paranoia is justified

Clapper Comey Brennan

President Donald Trump is not exactly known for his self-restraint. The recent firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey was not handled with any delicacy and has unleashed a firestorm of criticism coming from across the political spectrum. And since Comey’s abrupt dismissal the backstabbing has become even worse, with many coming around to the view that Trump is actually crudely threatening Comey over the issue of what might or might not have been said at dinners and meetings between the two men.


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Bull in the Swamp

When President Trump rides high so does the stock market. The Dow Bull has surged 2,700 points since his election. Trump and Bull Get Swamped But as allegations from unnamed sources rise in the media, President Trump sinks in the swamp. Apparently, so does the stock market. The Dow lost 373 points on Wednesday. The experts say investors

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  A Tulsa jury decided after 9 hours, that Betty Shelby did not commit 1st Degree Manslaughter.  She was charged in the death of a motorist who appeared incoherent and not effectively communicating with her, when she came upon him, in North Tulsa.  Tulsa did not riot or threaten retribution. We awaited the judicial process and tonight we heard the verdict.  As I write this, I’m listening to the screams of distraught Tulsans of every color, express […]

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SETH RICH Family Investigator ROB WHEELER Told By DC POLICE “Stand Down”…

SETH RICH Family Investigator ROB WHEELER Told By DC POLICE “Stand Down” – Orders From High Up – PLUS, Actress Robbin Young Shared Information In The Case With Wikileaks Is Threatened.

by IWB · Published May 17, 2017 · Updated May 17, 2017

by Pamela Williams

This is the biggest story we may ever witness. Seth Rich was a beautiful young man, who was a DNC employee over Voter Data, and he was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. I am sure you know that Seth was murdered – gunned down – shot in the head as he was headed home late at night in his DC neighborhood.

The Rich family hired Investigator Rob Wheeler to privately investigate his death, as the DC Police was not making any progress. His death was not a robbery, and it had been declared a homicide…the family wanted answers.


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