MuskogeePolitico:  Harris leads Hern by 11% in new CD1 poll

In the latest poll of the 1st Congressional District GOP runoff, former Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris has a commanding lead.Harris emerged from the primary with a 5% lead over second-place candidate Kevin Hern (27.48% to 22.68%). Most …

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Sooner Politics:  Board Of Health Passes New Medical Cannabis Rules

“Medical Marijuana 3.1” passes the OBH

The Oklahoma Board of Health met in open meeting for all of 8 minutes, today. they passed a far better set of medical marijuana(cannabis) rules than most patients had even hoped for.​  Immediately after opening motions, the board unanimously voted to go into executive session where an assistant Attorney General was said to be advising them of their legal jeopardy and the Attorney General’s prescribed path for handling the matter.  That ‘side…

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Are 3D Guns Free Speech?

Printers aren’t just for fed funds anymore. Now you can print a gun from a 3D printer. Really. Needless to say this has the anti-gun lobby up in arms. Of course you can’t print anything until you download the software. Obviously this is Trump’s fault. What’s next? Russian hackers emailing weapons to enemies of Hillary?

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Sooner Politics:  The Election That Could Not 'Be Bought'

  The financial reports are now submitted for the citizens of Oklahoma to see who spent how much on the campaigns for & against the Medical Marijuana Initiative Petition.   The Petroleum Industries and Chambers of Commerce were very determined to kill SQ788. Financial Institutions in the state and healthcare organizations were also throwing massive sums of money into the losing effort.  SQ788 had two false starts between 2014-2016. The authors first tried to give the vote […]

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Sooner Politics:  Health Dept Proposes Condensed Set of Medical Cannabis Rules

 Late Tuesday afternoon the Oklahoma Department of Health(ODH) published a final draft set of emergency rules for the newly enacted medical marijuana laws that the people of Oklahoma passed into law by a historic voter turnout.  The ODH Board had passed a very predatory set of rules just 3 weeks ago but lawsuits by the citizens forced the Attorney General and Governor to move quickly and rescind those emergency rules.   Just last Thursday, the Interim Director, Tom Bates;…

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Liberty on Tap:  August Gathering

Which Libertarian candidate should be the next Oklahoma Governor? Liberty on Tap is pleased to present to our Tulsa area friends gubernatorial runoff candidates Chris Powell and Rex Lawhorn. We will hear from the candidates through a moderated debate/Q&A-type format in which you will have the opportunity to question the candidates yourself. Stick around after […]

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