Sooner Politics:  Bridenstine Calls Hern Deceptive

 Congressional candidate Kevin Hern is now receiving the threatened public reproof of the former US Congressman, Jim Bridenstine.  Hern has been selectively using Bridenstine’s image to imply that the two are united allies and that Hern somehow has Bridenstine’s support.   Today, Jim Bridenstine decided that he  needs to issue the public statement that he has previously had to threaten he would make, when people sought to exploit him.*​  Here’s what he publis…

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Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Nathan Dahm Broken Arrow—The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has announced their support for Nathan Dahm in his race for Oklahoma’s First Congressional District.”The RLC is excited to endorse Nathan Dahm for Okla…

  The black market  Marijuana industry in Oklahoma may be one of the strongest special interests who are desperate and fearful that a medical marijuana reform may prevail, next week.  This same phenomena was very obvious in the wake of the 1959 overturning of Oklahoma’s long liquor prohibition.   Even though State Question 788 only allows for a narrow window of medically supervised treatment with Cannabis medicines, it will still cut into the […]

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  So many citizens become shocked & disheartened when they see their newly-elected representative go off to Oklahoma City, following a successful election season.  We only thought they were representing us, right?It was our votes which put them in office and the whole idea of representative democracy is based upon this principle.  But to the politician, it’s far different. He sees you and me as a pliable and impressionable mass. He sees money as th […]

Oklahoma Watchman:  The Block Candidacy For Lt. Gov.


That is Actually a Very Good ChoiceTHE WATCHMAN There are many times when a candidate runs for office that they are completely ignored. Today we bring you a textbook example of one such candidate. This gentlema…

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As you visit with politicians and read their mailers, you’ll likely be told they are “Conservative”. Do Conservatives support the recent largest tax increase in Oklahoma history? Do Conservatives support increased GPT on oil and gas (which affects us all)? … Continue reading