Old Friends Share A Close-up Of Mark Costello's Commitment To Fatherhood

From The Daily Beast:
Oklahoma Politician Never Gave Up on Killer Son

Commissioner Mark Costello and some of the rest of the Oklahoma attendees 
at the Americans For Prosperity National Conference, this past weekend.
  Mark Costello, the state’s labor commissioner, worked tirelessly for better mental-health treatment for his son, who fatally stabbed him on Sunday evening.
  The Oklahoma labor commissioner fatally stabbed by his 26-year-old son refused to give up on him. Instead, he struggled to find longer-term mental health treatment for the young man’s schizophrenia, sources told The Daily Beast.

“Mark was trying to do the right thing to help his son, Christian, because of his mental health issues. Nobody in their right mind would do what [Christian] did yesterday,” a source close to the family told The Daily Beast.  “Christian suffered some paranoid delusions regarding his parents, that they were plotting against him, that sort of thing,” the insider added.

RNC Chairman Priebus quietly changed the February 26th debate to Texas. No explanation was published.  Of the massive number of GOP Presidential Debates, none of the original RNC venues were planned for the Traditional South. In January, the list …

Dispelling The Myth Of Violence In Mental Illness

  Professional psychiatric studies continue to reach the same overwhelming conclusion;

Mentally ill people are no more violent than the general population

  In fact, they are far more likely to be victims through their own vulnerability than to ever hurt someone else.  But if you factor in drug abuse, the mentally ill are just as prone to violent behavior as are anyone else who abuses drug substances (including alcohol).
  Public policy actually adds to the vulnerability of the mentally ill by singling them out and taking away their constitutional rights to self defense with certain arms. That includes many military veterans who spend years in battle, but get their hunting equipment confiscated because they once sought treatment for PTSD.

Reports Of Mark Costello's Deadly Conflict With Eldest Son

WARNING: Detailed description of violent attack.

“Sources say Costello’s son had reached out to his parents and asked them to meet him at the restaurant.
Police say it started inside the Braum’s with the suspect stabbing the victim and then proceded outside.
Patrick Spencer was driving on May when he saw someone he thought had been shot.
“We got a closer look and there was a guy chasing him with a knife,” said Spencer. “It was shocking and dramatic.” Spencer says the men circled the building a couple of times. He watched while he called 9-1-1.

Super Tuesday Goes On Steroids

Perhaps 25 states will make selections in an 11-day span.

Just 6 months from now, the 2016 Presidential nomination process will reach fever pitch. 

  It all starts Friday, Feb. 26th, with a hastily reshuffled presidential debate coming from a Texas venue. The next day, South Carolina looks to hold a Saturday primary.

  Then North Carolina will join Oklahoma, Texas, and the massive list of Super Tuesday (March 1st) states for a series of primaries and caucus events. Anywhere between 10 and 17 states are projected to hold selections in the first week of March.

Breaking down the Numbers of the Conservative Index

The Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper has released their 2015 Conservative Index scores. All members of the 2015 legislature were scored for their votes on 10 key pieces of legislation which were selected by a conservative grassroots group(Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee). The group has partnered with The publication for many years, to select the bills so as to monitor action on a broad and balanced spectrum of conservative issues.
We will break down the numbers in several ways:

Canadian County Sheriff, Randall Edwards
  credit: Tim Farley, Red Dirt Report

  The Oath Keepers Summit in Mustang drew several veterans and liberty activists, this Sunday. The event had it’s share of conflicting messages and messengers. Here’s a snippet from Tim Farley, of the Red Dirt Report:

“People who were burning the American flag should have been thrown in jail,” 
 – Sheriff Randall Edwards

“Edwards, known for his opposition to a legislative proposal that would change Oklahoma’s civil asset forfeiture laws, apparently doesn’t believe in the First Amendment.

Sheriff & Senator Fight Over Seized Assets- And Both Are Claiming to Defend Constitutional Liberties

Update: Senator Kyle Loveless will also be speaking at the Oath Keepers Summit. This may be the first time that he and Sheriff Edwards share a stage.

Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards, and Oklahoma Senator
 Kyle Loveless battle over Civil Asset Forfeiture and who gets the loot.

  On Sunday, August 2nd, Oath Keepers is calling all Oklahoma military and veterans to a summit, in Mustang, OK. The stated purpose is to assert the veteran’s unexpired oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. Law enforcement personnel are also emphasized for their constitutional oath to defend constitutional rights.

 But the choice of speakers includes one controversial figure. Sheriff Randall Edwards of Canadian County is listed to speak, but his department has come under great criticism for his public defense of the federal ‘civil forfeiture’ policy.

Bridenstine Announces Ted Cruz Campaign Events in Oklahoma

Bridenstine and Cruz will team up At Oklahoma town hall events.

Bridenstine Named Oklahoma Chairman Of Cruz Campaign

  Senator Ted Cruz is planning an August 13th duet of Oklahoma Town Hall meetings with Congressman Jim Bridenstine, according to sources close to the congressman.
  The Texas senator recently appointed Congressman Bridenstine as the Oklahoma Campaign Chairman of his 2016 presidential bid. The two are deeply involved in promoting legislation to modernize the energy policy and are co-authoring initiatives.