Gov. Alfalfa Murray leads a militia to war, over a bridge on the Texas border

The Red River Bridge War and Our Current Transportation Battles

  Senator Jim Inhofe is, as I write, on the floor of the U.S. Senate to pitch his overhaul plan for the federal highway system. He just cited the U.S. Constitution and implied the fundamental role of congress in this area.
  Let’s talk about the federal role…

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Would Parents Be Cautious About Young Men As Girl Scout Leaders?

If your daughter was seeking a new Girl Scout troop in a new 
community, would you  trust her to cross-dressing young man?
  The Boy Scouts of America just announced an end to their national ban on openly homosexual men as troop leaders. Some local troops will retain their more traditional policy. Just a few years ago the BSA said they would certainly retain their prohibition of outed gay men, but decided to let troops have the option regarding boys and homosexuality.
  The pop culture is once again celebrating this “enlightened” development. They see no innate cause for concern regarding the co-ed atmosphere and steeped desires of teens; not to mention that of unrelated adults.


  The voters of Oklahoma City’s House District 85 have had some significant choices on their ballots over the decades.
  But the July 14 choice is no less important than any previous one. There are a couple candidates garnering broad support and the distinction between those two is very telling.  One has spent much of his young life in corporate board rooms and perhaps his fair share of fairways. He talks the language of the chamber.
27 years of firefighting service in the Metro OKC area

  The other has spent his longer life in community service, You don’t have to wonder if he understands the term ‘public servant’. He’s been a military veteran, a firefighter for 27 years, and one of our heroes at the Murrah Building.

  Ralph Crawford understands people and their need for a responsive, yet limited government.  He put his life on the line every day that he woke up and put on his uniform. His duties often took him away from his beloved family for days and sometimes months.

Oklahoma Politics Becoming Musical Chairs

Term Limits throws a wrench in career plans for politicians

  We are entering the phase of the electoral cycle where the political king-makers and proverbial ‘smoke-filled rooms’ get very active. No ad buys yet, not even a single candidacy announcement. But make no mistake, most of the successful campaigns start during these quiet ‘out-years’. The 2016 campaigns will be about the presidency and representatives. Then we move on to a big shuffle.

Revisiting Justice Steven Taylor's 2014 'Kunzweiler-vs-Jordan' Opinion

The recent Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling belies a certain hypocrisy among conservatives decrying the end result, this week. For decades we’ve heard Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and even Justices Scalia and Thomas; who  urge the strict constructionist practice of deciding cases. Yet this week it was precisely that same strict constructionist jurisprudence that brought us a ruling which many of us detest.

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