Cruz Is Gaining Ground In Iowa while Trump and Carson Fall

    A prominent evangelical leader in Iowa has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign as the Texas Republican’s campaign continues to gain momentum. 

  The Des Moines Register has released their latest poll numbers tabulated just prior to the crucial endorsement from the head of THE FAMILY LEADER, of Senator Ted Cruz.
  As it did in ’08 and ’12 with Huckabee and Santorum, this key evangelical leader’s endorsement has led to a massive shift in the Iowa Republican polling.  Cruz leads Trump by 10 points, followed by Carson and Rubio in 4th.

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A War That Will Destroy The GOP

Rand Paul said on Friday that, if the Republican establishment tries to block an outsider candidate from winning the party’s nomination through a brokered convention, “there’ll be war within the party and they’ll destroy the party.”
  Boston radio host Jeff Kuhner asked Paul what he thought of a Washington Post story that reported key figures within the Republican party are preparing for a contested convention in which, the story said, “the GOP’s mainstream wing could coalesce around an alternative” to Donald Trump, who continues to lead primary polls.

Ted Cruz Grabs One of Iowa's Top Evangelical Endorsements

The Ted Cruz train rolls on in Iowa.

Slate Magazine reports-
  The GOP hopeful on Thursday picked up the highly coveted endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats, an Evangelical leader who heads an influential social conservative advocacy group in the state. “At the end of the day, we truly believe that Ted Cruz is the most consistent and principled conservative who has the ability to not only win Iowa but I believe to win the (Republican) nomination,” Vander Plaats, the president of the Family Leader, told the Des Moines Register.

Osborn Drops Out Of Speaker's Race

  Rep. Leslie Osborn announced this week that she has decided to end her campaign to become the next Speaker Of The Oklahoma House Of Representatives. She said;December 10, 2015RE: Speakers Election Dear Friends and Colleagues:  I …

Sorting through the choices for Tulsa's next Sheriff

  So many names and details are floating around media circles. We decided to create a little “cheat-sheet” chart to help citizens sort out the many candidates being talked about.  We welcome reader feedback on this project. It needs to be a collaborative effort. 

 We utilized the research of Lori Fullbright and Corey Jones and look for other pertinent records and data.

  The filing period was earlier this week and no more candidates are allowed to file, per state statute.
 Candidates may now challenge the legitimacy of their opponents filing and fitness, under the law. So far Jason Jackson is seeking to thin the crowd by challenging 3 foes. Other concerns have also been discussed in various media postings.
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Fitzpatrick Denounces Charges By Jackson, In Sheriff Race

Background Article: Jackson Charges Some Rivals As Ineligible To Run

  Officer John Fitzpatrick, of the Tulsa PD Reserve, quickly responded to allegations regarding his police training and certification requirements for the office of Tulsa County Sheriff.
  In a phone interview, Fitzpatrick went on to call into question Jackson’s fitness to lead, based upon his selective and partial reading of just some statutory language which has led to his misinformed and ill-advised filing of an official challenge to Fitzpatrick’s candidacy.

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Tulsa Sheriff Candidate Charges Some Rivals As Ineligible

  Jenks Police Officer, Jason Jackson, charges some of his fellow candidates with conspiracy to violate the election laws and doubts their doubts their certification to serve in office.
  It seems the state requires that a sheriff actually has law enforcement training and certification. Jackson contends that some candidates are not current or have the wrong certification.

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Republicans Champion Minority Rights

By Corey Perry: 

I am a Republican because of my conservative values both socially and fiscally, there’s no in-between for me!

  I would like to address ONE seeming misconception about the “party” I am a member of, the Republican Party. Over time and most recently with the announcement of my political endeavors, I have been presented with the question “how are you Republican and a black man, given the history of the party as it pertains to blacks in America?” Let me say this, I am a Republican because of my conservative values both socially and fiscally, there’s no in-between for me! The Republican party isn’t perfect, because it is a party made up of imperfect people, yet it is a party that strives to do good works that the PEOPLE believe is best for this country. I believe that other parties in this country believe and strive for the same, we just may be on different sides of an issue(s), it’s really that simple. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said in The Theologians Tale;… “Do thy duty; that is best; Leave unto The LORD the rest.
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Theodore King: OKC Snuffing Out Reason

By Theodore King. Reprinted with permission

911: Nine one one, what’s your emergency?
OKC resident: There’s someone smoking a cigarette in Bluff Creek Park!
: We’ll get a squad car out there right away.
  This may sound silly, but if Oklahoma CIty Ward 4 Councilman Pete White has his way, this could happen – calling the cops to stop a smoker in a public park! On December 8, Councilman White will propose an new ordinance for Oklahoma City making it illegal to smoke tobacco on all city property, including parks! Councilman White makes an exception for city golf courses and sidewalks. The reason for the exemption on golf courses is golfers tend to be affluent and prefer cigars. And sidewalks will be exempt as it’s difficult to enforce for sidewalks.

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