Oklahoma's Newest Monument: Theophobia

A Monument To The Removal Of Faith From Civil Governance

  This empty slab and chipped foundation is all that’s left of the monument commemorating the history of law in civilization. This is now a monument to America’s theophobia and attempt to erase any idea that faith has been a basis for civil governance.
  Even though  historic religions find their basis in the Mosaic tablets, the Oklahoma courts have rejected the notion that the state should recognize any historic inference to this world event and code of civil law.

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Monument On Hiatus: Why the secrecy?

Monument removed from state property in dark of night… The work crews showed up at the Oklahoma capitol in the dark of night.
Last night a private monument company sent a work crew to the state capitol. Security teams were in place and a barrier fence was all in place for a quick extraction. The privately donated monument to civil law was being torn down. This followed a very public and controversial legal fight that has been in national news over several years.

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Everett Piper: The Response To Roseburg College Violence

The address from Dr. Everett Piper, to President Obama, regarding his 12 minute rant after the Oregon college shootings.

Transcribed from Dr Piper’s Friday radio address on KFAQ, on Oct. 2, 2015

  Once again the president says nothing about Christians being executed…. Absolutely nothing!

A 12-minute rant and not one word about Christians.
 Christians are being beheaded in the middle east and he lectures us about the crusades. Christians are being killed in the churches, like Charleston, and he lectures us about the NRA. Christians are being killed in colleges, like Umpqua, in Roseburg, Oregon, and mum’s the word.  WHY?

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The Republican Who Wasn't Afraid of a Government Shutdown

There were 8 government ‘shutdowns’ during the Reagan Administration. I recall the national media blaming every one of them on Ronald Reagan. Did it destroy his presidency? Not in the least!
  Every time the government even has a budgetary slowdown the media will always blame the conservative. Sadly, too many Republicans in the beltway believe the spin.
  For the past 5 years the tables have been turned and Republicans have held at least 1 house of congress. But the dinosaurs of the GOP in Washington have believed the lie that everything is their fault.
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Speaker Candidate, Daniel Webster, Unveils House Reforms

Oklahoma’s Congressman Jim Bridenstine is a member of the Congressional Freedom Caucus. This 40-member group became powerful enough to overthrow the powerful speaker, John Boehner, this passed week. Boehner was a member of the leadership when Newt Gingrich first orchestrated the 1994 overthrow of the 40 years of Democrat rule.
  This Freedom Caucus seems poised to rally around Florida’s Congressman Daniel Webster (yep, that’s really his name). Webster was the speaker of Florida’s House and garnered praise from allies and foes alike. &nbsp

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Nonviolent Inmates Are Serving Life Without Parole -- on Your Dime

Oklahoma’s Prisons are beyond capacity and face federal sanctions

Only 3 clemency candidates nominated in the past 3 years

  William Wood jr. is a military veteran, former minister, and 60 years old. He’s been in prison for 10 years so far and has 189 years left to serve on his sentence.  He has had no disciplinary complaints while in prison.

  About 11 years ago, William was found to be in possession of controlled drug substances and raw materials. He was arrested & convicted. He has no other violent crimes record. William Wood jr. did have a drug addiction.

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Defenders Of Liberty 2015 Winners

  The Crowne Plaza Ballroom was filled with great ‘ordinary folk” from across the great Sooner State, last night.  The Defenders of Liberty banquet was held to honor the great efforts of citizen advocates for liberty.

Here are the honorees:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award: Norma Sapp
  • Thomas Jefferson Award: Steve Byas 
  • Lysander Spooner Award: Tracey Montgomery
  • Dolly Madison award: Diane Engel 
  • Paul Revere Award: Morgan Dunsmore
  • Murray Rothbard Award: Larry Williamson
  • Patrick Henry Award: Ron Cross
  • Benjamin Franklin Award: Charlotte Rutledge Harer
  • Thomas Paine Award: Kenny Bob Tapp
  • George & Martha Washington Award: Paul and Molly Wehrenberg
  • Barry Goldwater Award: Dave Brooks
  • James Madison Award: Gary Lanham 
  • Frederick Douglas Outstanding Achievement Award: Oklahoma Second Amendment Association
  • Samuel Adams Statesman of the Year Award: Mark Costello

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Willie Robertson Says Trump's Wife Is 'Thousand Times Better Looking' than Donald

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty joined Donald Trump at OKC event

Donald Trump In OKC

  At Friday night’s Donald Trump Rally, Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, made a surprise appearance and said a few words in support of Donald Trump. Donald pointed out that they are both successful businessmen (not to mention their reality tv successes).
  Then Willie added;

“Our wives are Thousand Times better looking than us.”

   At that point, and without a reply;  Donald excused Willie from the stage.

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