Oklahoma Watchman:  Hofmeister's Scandals



To no one’s surprise, the Superintendent of Education drew a few challengers for her seat and the potential of unseating her is still a real possibility. The scandal plagued Dep…

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In The Intelligence Community We Trust

The intelligence “community” is popular with the never Trump crowd these days. Former CIA Director and Communist voter John Brennan says Trump’s behavior in Helsinki was “treasonous” and “impeachable.” The president did take Putin’s word over that of his own national intelligence director’s after all. (He changed his mind the next day with the old

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R3publicans:  Lori Colley Explains the Russia Collusion Story

I like Lori Colley’s take on the news. She is a Christian, she has a good understanding of the Trump/Deepstate conflict, and she is able to break it down so that it is easily understood. Here she explains the Russian Collusion story and breaks it down into the main sequence of events.

Here is what she wrote about this story:

The MSM is still on its “Trump colluded with Russia” kick. The have used Monday’s summit between Putin and Trump to continue the phony narrative that says US intelligence agencies warned Trump about Russia meddling in the 2016 election and he did nothing to stop it, that Trump ignored the evidence, that he and Putin colluded to defeat Hillary, that Trump should be impeached, tried for treason, drawn and quartered… Thanks for watching and praying!

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Sooner Politics:  Oklahoma Joins the Ranks of the Screwed Up Cannabis Regulators

  James Bowman is an unlikely farmer. His younger days were spent immersed in the counterculture and harshly criticizing materialism.  Today he’s a very successful farmer and a trailblazer for healthcare public policy. He became a role model by picking up a shovel and planting a crop.  In his 50s now, he still weaves through the idiotic regulations of his state’s ridiculous rules for providing cannabis medicines to very needy patients.  His state […]

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R3publicans:  Keeping Cops’ Hands Out of Your Pockets

Finally, a case that might put a real crimp into civil asset forfeiture abuse.

By BRIAN SAADYJuly 16, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to rule on a case that have a major impact on civil liberties and whether civil asset forfeiture can continue to serve as low hanging fruit for bureaucratic interests run amok.

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R3publicans:  Signature in the Cell and Intelligent Design

Signature in the Cell and Intelligent Design
An Introduction to Protracted Desperation
FRED REED • JULY 15, 2018

A question that never ceases to fascinate is that of how life originated, and how and why it has progressed as it seems to have. The official story and de rigueur explanation is that that life came about through spontaneous generation from seawater. Believing this is the mark of an Advanced Person, whether one has the slightest knowledge of the matter. In academia researchers have been fired and careers ruined for questioning it. If you doubt that scientists can be ideological herd animals, as petty, intolerant, vindictive, and backstabbing as professors, read Heretic, by the PhD biotechnologist and biochemist Matti Leisola, who fell on the wrong side of the herd. Ths establishment’s continuing effort to stamp out heresy looks increasingly like a protracted desperatoon.

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