Sooner Politics:  Oklahoma County Commissioners Defy Federal Justice Dept

  The 3 members of the Oklahoma County Commission are refusing to allow the Federal Justice Dept. entry into the Oklahoma County Jail.  The legal showdown stems from a 2009 legal settlement with the federal govt. over the conditions of the deadliest county jail in the nation.  The building is continually overcrowded and several legal suits are pending in district court, on behalf of inmates who are dead or severely disabled as a result of the condition […]

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Oklahoma Corporation Commission Website Shutdown Due to Cyber Attack

OKLAHOMA CITY — A cyber attack was detected this week at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, causing the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to shut the network down.

“Earlier this week, we detected a cyber event at the Corporation Commission,” said Shelley Zumwalt with OMES.

For about a week, employees with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission had no choice but to use pencils and paper, personal laptops or cell phones to enter information.

“As of a matter of caution, we took down their website,” Zumwalt said.

If you tried clicking on to the agency’s website, you likely saw a message that said the site couldn’t be reached.

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Sooner Politics: The Primary Challengers Are Impacting Legislative Outcomes

  Stories are coming in to SoonerPolitics about the members of the Legislature who are ‘suddenly getting religion’. There are some who’ve jumped off the tax-raising bandwagon. We will see far more of this when the February session comes.   Why? Because there’s an election and the peasants are revolting. Here’s one such story from Claremore. Ted King says it in his own words….  “My state representative Mark…

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Sooner Politics Guest Opinion: Randy Brogdon On The Special Session

By former State Senator & OKGOP chairman, Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) ​  As a former state senator with eight years of conservative credentials, I’m appalled with the shenanigans of the Republican leadership in the Oklahoma legislature. They are anything but conservative. As a matter of fact I would classify them as destructive. ​  Last Saturday, Sen. Treat started his press conference quoting Matthew 5:37. “Let your yes be ye […]

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Sooner Politics Editorial: No Agency Increases Without A State Performance Audit

  There is a State Performance Audit which is usually conducted by the office of the Auditor & Inspector. It studies the flow of resources and identifies inefficiencies, as well as pointing out where accountability is lacking. State Auditor, Gary Jones can define what a performance audit does better than I can. But the important thing it does is give the taxpayers a confidence that their hard-earned tax dollar is well managed.​   If we f […]

R3publicans:  Wall Street found a parasite growing in the US economy that could spur the next recession

linette-lopez.jpg Linette Lopez

  • Wall Street’s short sellers are beginning to talk about healthcare as the next major threat to the US economy.
  • Costs are so high that the market will have to correct sooner rather than later.
  • Left unchecked, a market-led correction will be brutal.


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  Randy Krehbiel of the Tulsa World was ready to bring us coverage of the proceedings.​  The constitution requires that revenue bill originate in the House. They have not passed any such bills for the senate to act upon. Neither has the House taken a floor vote on measures to transfer funds to agencies which will otherwise begin shutting down services on Tuesday.UPDATE: The House just gaveled in & out without taking any floor votes. the emergency funding transfer bill is rea…

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R3publicans:  The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away

Paul Craig Roberts

OK readers, you win. Yes, something is wrong with the Las Vegas shooting story. It is not only Tyler Durden on Zero Hedge today, but Tucker Carlson on Fox News yesterday Carlson raises many pointed questions that do not have obvious answers. The investigation does not seem to have been handled in the normal way that such investigations are handled. I don’t know what it means. I don’t expect any official explanation. And I agree with you that it stinks.


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Flake Wouldn’t Rather Fight Than Quit

Republican Jeff Flake gave a speech on the Senate floor condemning the behavior of President Trump. He called him reckless, outrageous and undignified. Trump responded, “Yes, and your point is?” Just kidding. Flake’s Republican colleague, Senator Bob Corker, chimed in on his own that Trump “debases the country”. Finally, Flake called out Trump, “Mr. President,

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