​As we get a closer look at what a Libertarian Party claims to stand for, we see that there are as many definitions of the term ‘libertarian’ as there are of the word; ‘conservative’.  In 2012, Ron Paul defined himself as a ‘constitutional conservative. Most voters identified him as a Libertarian. In 2015, just about every Republican presidential hopeful claimed the descriptive title for himself.  In the primary season, we also saw vast distinc […]

It’s like the teenage boy who got caught in the girl’s locker room… then justified it by saying he thinks he can identify as a girl because… “there are girls in there who like me.”  The Muskogee Politico reports that the Democrat nominee running in the very Republican senate district of south Broken Arrow, is passing out yard signs identifying her with the word ‘Republican’.  Kimberly Hobbs recently ran in the Democ […]

OCPA Outlines State Questions on Ballot in November

  This November, Oklahoma voters will see a set of questions on the ballots. These are your opportunity to not only create or change Oklahoma laws, but also to do so with the power of mandating that the Oklahoma Supreme Court use our collective decisions as a precedent in deciding future constitutional matters which come before them.  Not every state has this power reserved to the people. Oklahoma does. It’s one of […]

  A common contemporary form of irrational emotionalism is the effort to ban symbols merely because an offended person or group makes an unfavorable association with some negative attribute.  The intolerance of our popular culture is reaching fever pitch and many historic archives are being destroyed forever, because of the hyper emotionalism of our present day populism. Fasces ​is a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its b […]

Jason Murphey: Why Politicians Lie To Themselves

by David van Risseghem – Rep. Jason Murphey just penned another blogging masterpiece. He gives us an internal insight to how a politician begins lying to himself and then to us. The big lie and the invisible wall   Several years ago, a legislator approached my seat in the House chamber. I welcomed his visit. He was a strong ally in the effort to clean up state government and I had worked with him on a number of modernization initiatives. He knew and under […]

by David Van Risseghem: Many have published gratuitous psychiatric assessments of Donald Trump. Most of them are derogatory and demeaning to the profession which many of these “professionals” claim to represent.   But each of us voters make up our own minds, and we don’t believe we need a bunch of initials after our names, in order to make certain assumptions.  Does Donald Trump have a big ego?Of course! But so do all politicians. They wouldn […]

by David Van Risseghem- Sept 12, 2016:  During a recent conference in Chicago, I had the opportunity to join a dinner gathering with Steven Moore. Mr. Moore is a Senior Contributor to Freedomworks. He is also an economic contributor to  Fox News, as well as an economic adviser to the Trump campaign.  Moore decried the sabotage sustained by the US economy via the Obama regulatory strangle hold. Moore referred to the 49ers and 29ers. 49ers   […]