Liberty on Tap:  July Gathering – John Yeutter

What does the State Auditor do and why a Libertarian is best for the job. John Yeutter is running for the office of State Auditor and will have some enlightening information to share with us. We will be at Albert G’s Bar & Q downtown Tulsa this month in the private dining room. Thursday, July 5th […]

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  Oklahomans have spoken loudly this week. The political earthquake in the ‘reddest of red states’ told Lincoln Blvd that some major changes are going to happen.  Drug policy is one such mandated change. The people have said that the medicinal potential of Cannabis will be readily available to patients whose physicians direct such treatment.The newly audited Oklahoma Health Dept. is rolling out their first mission objective since going through a thorough in […]

  Challenger Nick Mahoney is determined to see his election results clearly counted. He’s taking on the scandal-ridden incumbent, Kevin McDugle.  The election night returns showed a 3-vote margin for McDugle, but 18 ‘provisional ballots’ were unsealed at 3pm, today.   The county election board rejected 8 of the provisionals and of the remaining 10, 6 votes were cast in the Republican HD12 primary. Those returns were: McDugle – 4Mahoney – 2 &n […]

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  Sources close to the issue have confirmed that the authors of SQ788 (Medical Marijuana) are meeting with legislative leaders to help guide the writing of companion legislation for sensible construction of regulatory policy.  While the citizens group are open to some adjustments in the initiative’s language; Two key precepts are ‘not negotiable’ to the supporters;Qualifying conditions must be determined by the physicians state oversight board, rather than […]

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R3publicans:  Marijuana drug wins FDA approval—a first that may change federal regulations

The DEA is expected to change CBD scheduling within 90 days.

Marijuana now has an accepted medical use.

The US Food and Drug Administration announced today, Monday June 25, the approval of the country’s first marijuana-based prescription medication. The drug is called Epidiolex and is a plant-derived oral solution of cannabidiol (CBD)—a chemical component of marijuana that does not cause intoxication or a euphoric “high.” The FDA approved it for use in patients aged two and older who suffer from rare and severe forms of epilepsies known as Lennox-Gastaut syndromeand Dravet syndrome, which can develop early in childhood. Epidiolex’s approval also marks the first time the FDA has approved a drug to treat Dravet syndrome.

With the historic approval, the London-based company behind the drug, GW Pharmaceuticals plc, is expecting another consequential decision in the coming weeks: getting the US Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify CBD. The move could open the doors to other marijuana-derived medications as well as ease heavy restrictions on marijuana-related research.

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