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After conducting a nationwide poll over the weekend — where more than 10,000 respondents took part — there is no doubt that American gun owners do not trust the agency that is empowered to enforce firearms law. The overwhelming results show that 98.1 percent of gun owners who responded to the unscientific survey believe that […]

GOA:  Urge President Trump to Rein in the ATF!

Click on the Take Action button to urge President Donald Trump to prevent the ATF from using the Las Vegas shooting to impose new gun control restrictions. And follow up your email with a phone call to the President at (202) 456-1111 to let him know …

GOA:  Gun Rights Advance This Week in the U.S. House

Suppressor Deregulation is on the Move in Congress

I’ve been on Capitol Hill this week, and I have some exciting news to bring you. 

First, the GOA-backed Hearing Protection Act, which has been added to the sportsmen’s bill (H.R. 3668), passed out of the Natural Resources committee and is headed to the House floor.