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Sooner Politics:  Oklahoma Ranks 'Top 5' In Several Tax & Commerce Policies

   Jonathan Williams recently published a detailed report on several fiscal comparisons of the 50 states, pertaining to tax policy & business-friendly environments.  Oklahoma ranked in the top 3 when it comes to property taxes. Texas, by comparison, scored miserably on the same criteria.  But in other parts of the charts, Texas devastated Oklahoma’s legacy by not imposing an income tax on citizens.  All in all, Texas ranked 2nd in the nation for ‘Economic Performance […]

Evidently, Sheila Riley of Tulsa’s Nathan Hale High School, is offering her favorite teachers some really fun trips, and she’s planning several more.  During last April’s partial teacher walkout, Tulsa Public School Administrators authorized the principal to spend tens of thousands of dollars sending several faculty members to the Las Vegas Strip. They called it “Professional Development” and justified it as free federal money that would disappear if they don’t […]

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House passes tax credit for teachers' classroom supply spending

House Passes $1,000 Tax Credit for Teachers Who Purchase Classroom Supplies Out of Pocket

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 11th, 2019) – The House of Representatives today unanimously passed a measure that would provide Oklahoma school teachers some financial relie…

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 The optics look like a 220 year delay to the sequel of the classic novel of the 1790s French Revolution, ‘Les Miserables’.   Fires burning, streets blocked, common working people finally reached a point where they will not tolerate the high cost of a socialist government in western Europe.  The ridicule and shame that the French President Macron sought to cast upon the protesters is not deterring their resolve.   The BBC reports that “More than 100,000 people took…

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Amazon Tax Breaks

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, just got $2 billion in tax breaks to move his company to New York and Washington, DC. The L.A. Times says Amazon played American cities for suckers.

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