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Senate Tax Bill Kills Health Insurance Individual Mandate

The Senate tax bill ends the mandate to buy health insurance. This is a bad thing? It is according to a CNN Money article: Poor Americans would lose billions of dollars worth of federal benefits under the Senate GOP tax bill, according to a new Congressional Budget Office report. This is largely because the legislation

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MuskogeePolitico/Small: SQ 640 protects taxpayers

SQ 640 protects taxpayersby OCPA President Jonathan SmallIf you want to regulate speech, you belittle the First Amendment. If you want to confiscate guns, you vilify the Second Amendment.In Oklahoma, if you want to reach into taxpayers’ wallets for mor…

R3publicans: Forget the Bogus Republican “Reform”: Here’s What Real Tax Reform Would Look Like

The point is to end the current system in which billionaires get all the privileges and financial benefits of owning assets in the U.S. but don’t pay taxes that are proportional to the benefits they extract.

As has been widely noted, the Republicans’ proposed “tax reform” is not only just more BAU (business as usual, i.e. cut taxes for the wealthy), it’s also not real reform. At best, it’s just another iteration of D.C. policy tweaks packaged for PR purposes as “reform.”
You want real tax reform? This is what real tax reform would look like:


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OK GOP Commends Legislators on “NO” Vote to Raise Taxes

Saturday, November 11, 2018, the Oklahoma Republican State Committee meeting was held in Oklahoma City. The State GOP Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party in Oklahoma. In a bold move, participants in the Oklahoma Republican State Committee meeting overwhelmingly passed a Resolution in the support of the 22 courageous state representatives that…

Sooner Politics:  Dave Rader Wants To Change Oklahoma Constitution On Taxes

  The former football coach who now sits in the Oklahoma Senate now wants to end an arrangement that his legislature has seldom ever exercised. He wants to raise our taxes without asking our permission.  He posts rarely on social media, but he took the time and effort this past week to make his point.  In common theme with so many progressive arguments, he compares Oklahoma to the other states and declares us yet again to be 49th, in his way of thinkin […]

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