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MuskogeePolitico:  Step Up Oklahoma's $600M tax hike fails in House

Last night, the main vehicle for the ‘Step Up Oklahoma’ tax hikes (HB 1033XX) failed to receive the requisite number of votes for passage in the State House of Representatives. Needing 76 votes, it only received 63, with 35 members voting against.One o…

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Sooner Politics:  The Rush To Raise Taxes Before the Treasurer Tells Us The Crisis Is Over

Tax Hikes move quickly through the legislature, before the Treasurer can tell us that they’re not needed. What have our legislative leaders been working on, for the past 6 weeks? We will all see, today. The fog will lift when the House convenes. When the members went home for Christmas, they were ‘licking their wounds’ from a 3rd failure to raise more additional tax dollars than any previous liberal legislature ever did… in our s […]

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