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Threats against Ron Paul

Yesterday someone tweeted the message that Ron Paul had died and the tweet was soon launched into the stratosphere, rising to number one in the world. It was suspended in mid air, at the top of Twitterdom, for more than forty minutes until enough people Googled the truth and brought it back down to earth. […]

Obama owes Caroline Kennedy Big Time

Forget the $16 trillion national debt. Forget what we owe China. The greatest unpaid debt of Barack Obama, perhaps the greatest unpaid political debt of all time, is what the president owes Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, the daughter to John F. Kennedy. Every day that passes with this debt unpaid, is a day of shame for […]

Ron Paul the Gold Standard of Presidential Politics at Reagan Dinner in Iowa on Nov 4th

Rand Paul introduces his father from long distance for this important dinner in Iowa. Ron Paul’s remarks include a few personal experiences with Ronald Reagan and a little insight into the gold standard, economic policy, foreign policy, and a strong national defense. He has recommended $1 Trillion in the first year of his presidency and eliminate 5 departments including the department of education. Enjoy his refreshing comments amidst a very friendly crowd at this important dinner November 4th.

Herman Cain Flip Flops on Killing Al Awlaki

Fox News spent a whole Sunday segment on the legality of President Obama’s killing of Al Awlaki, an American citizen. Bill Kristol chuckled condescendingly and said that no candidate except for Ron Paul is complaining about it and therefore it is a non-issue. Kristol implied that the killing was legal and morally justified. Everyone else […]

The conventional wisdom is that Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah and presidential candidate, is being played by his political handlers. According to this narrative, they are taking the billionaire for the biggest paycheck of their lives. They are telling him that he can bypass Iowa, play to the middle and the media, like John […]