Russian Election Hacking

In 2012 President Obama told Russian President Medvedev he would be much more flexible after the election. Obama thought his remarks were private but he was speaking into an open mic in front of tv cameras. Lucky for him, there was no Republican narrative of Russian election hacking in 2012. It might have seemed plausible, considering the fact that Obama repeatedly mocked

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Trump Team Watch: Four Okies

As the Transition team enters their 4th week of meetings, the massive staffing project continues to top the media buzz list of speculations.Of the hundreds of upper level slots in the new administration, four Okies are in consideration for some roles on the Trump executive team.Rep. Jim Bridenstine  of the 1st district of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation is rumored for two specific possible appointments. He was rumored to be considered for NASA Administrator […]

Watch List: Oklahomans who might get Trump appointments

President-elect Donald Trump is in the midst of picking appointees for his Cabinet and various other top government posts. Among the many names being mentioned for different positions are several Oklahomans.

Photo: Gov. Mary Fallin                Businessman Harold Hamm

Secretary of the Interior

The Department of the Interior manages about 75% of all federal public land, is responsible for conservation of natural resources, and operates numerous agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Geological Survey, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and oversees policy in American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Governor Mary Fallin and Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm are being mentioned as possible picks. Fallin met with Trump on Monday, while it appears that Hamm has had no interview yet.

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Governor Fallin Shuffles Cabinet, Senior Staff

Governor Mary Fallin Announces Cabinet, Senior Staff Changes

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today announced a series of changes to her Cabinet and senior staff designed to ensure continued legislative success for the next two years while sustaining important initiatives enacted during her time in office.

“My team and I have accomplished a lot in the past six years, and we have every intention of being as productive as possible in our remaining two years,” said Fallin. “Each of these members of our team will continue to do amazing work for Oklahoma just as they have throughout their impressive careers. I thank each of them for all they have done to date and am thrilled they are all stepping up to fill these important roles serving our great state.”

The changes are:

  • Secretary of State and Native American Affairs Chris Benge, a former House speaker, will become the governor’s chief of staff. He will retain his duties as secretary of Native American Affairs.
  • First Assistant Attorney General Mike Hunter, a former legislator who served as secretary of state for former Governor Frank Keating, will become secretary of state and special counsel to the governor.
  • Chief of Staff Denise Northrup will become chief operations officer at the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, an agency formed in Fallin’s first term by consolidating several shared government services to generate efficiencies.
  • Deputy General Counsel Jennifer Chance, a former Oklahoma County assistant district attorney, will become general counsel.

All changes will be effective by Nov. 1.

“With these changes plus so many new legislators next year and new legislative leadership, Oklahomans can expect a fresh, redoubled effort from my administration and other leaders to serve them successfully. I believe our best days are ahead of us and that we will continue pushing an aggressive, pro-growth agenda,” Fallin said.

Chris Benge

Chris Benge was appointed as Oklahoma’s 33rd secretary of state by Governor Mary Fallin on Nov. 8, 2013. In his role as secretary of state, Benge serves on the governor’s Cabinet and is responsible for 20 executive entities.

No Clinton Foundation Access for Benghazi Dead

An AP story says 85 of 154 meetings Hillary Clinton had regarding private interests, when she was Secretary of State, were with Clinton Foundation donors. Clinton Foundation Access Fit For A Prince Some of those donors represented foreign interests too. Politico reported that the crown prince of Bahrain used his Clinton Foundation connection to get a meeting

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Obama No Ransom Iran Nuclear Deal Narrative

Earlier this month he WSJ reported that the Obama administration shipped Iran a pallet of foreign cash worth $400 million. President Obama scolded the press for asking if the delivery of the unmarked bills, in an unmarked plane, in the middle of the night was ransom. You’ve probably seen his four step reply: 1) The payment was old news. 2) It was

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Obama Launders Iran Ransom Money

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was busted for paying hush money by making cash withdrawals that would be difficult to trace. Never mind that he was a perv trying to hide the fact that he had molested a high school wrestler. It was violating the $10,000 cash withdrawal limit that got him busted. “Hastert was indicted for two alleged

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