Help Us WIN the Run Off

As you know, we scored a huge win on primary night by advancing to the run-off election on August 28th. While we didn’t win the primary outright, it was still a great victory for us as our main opponent outspent us almost 3 to 1 and only captured 124 more votes. Even with loaning his own campaign $19,000 he was not able to buy the election as he had planned. This provides us with a great opportunity to capture this seat and score a victory for We the People in the upcoming run-off election.

We cannot do it alone, so we once again ask for you to join with us and show your support. The opposition can continue to loan thousands of dollars to his own campaign, but we will continue to rely on grassroots support from various donors like you. In fact, our average donation has been $30 so far this election cycle.

So I ask that each of you take the time right now to visit the donation page by formerly/ (archived link). Each yard sign costs approximately $1.75, so your donation of just $3.50 can help us plant two signs in people’s yards. We will also send out mailers which cost about $0.50 a piece. Your donation of $10 will help us reach 20 houses, or a donation of $50 will help us reach 100 households with a potential of up to 200 voters! No donation is too small, and every amount is greatly appreciated. formerly/ (archived link).

Thank you for your continued support as we work to protect the 10th Amendment, serve the People, and win Round 2 of this election to better accomplish these goals.

For the People,
Nathan Dahm

Psst…After you’ve made your formerly/ (archived link), would you consider personally contacting three family members or close friends and asking them to do the same? Many hands makes for light work, and the more people that chip in, the more voters we can reach with our message of liberty.

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