Oklahoma Precinct Meetings – Many Rescheduled due to Weather Forecast

We will have an opportunity to impact precinct meetings occurring all over the state soon.  Many meetings originally scheduled for this week have been rescheduled to next week due to the weather.  Please reference the state party site OKGOP, your county party site if there is one, and OK Grassroots network for more information and the latest news and updates from various groups.

Here are a few easy, but very important ways that YOU as a Registered Republican can help.  (Note: you must have declared your party affiliation in order to participate in that party’s elections in Oklahoma):

  1. Attend your local Precinct meeting on Tuesday, February 8th in most counties. Some of them will be held by House Districts or by county,  So contact your County Party to find out the place and time. Most start at 6 or 7 p.m. Look up County Officers here. You can look up your precinct or house district at the state election board .  For Oklahoma County locations, check the County website here.
  2. Elect people of like mind as Precinct Officers. Don’t be shy. This is politics. If you don’t control your Precinct, someone else will.  Be the ‘go to, get ‘er done person in your precinct.  You probably are already so get the title too.
  3. Register to be a Delegate to the County Convention (before March 12th). Choose to have an Open Delegation.
  4. Introduce Resolution(s) to be voted on at the meeting. Resolutions start discussions, as well as measure the sentiments of attendees. Bring at least 3 copies of resolutions you plan to introduce to the meeting.  Some sample resolutions are here.
  5. For bonus points, please contact your legislators and ask them to support the Open Government Rule. More information is available here on The Open Government Project website.

OK-SAFE (Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise) did an outstanding piece on the importance of these meetings and the potential for impact.

. . . the precinct is the starting place for the election of party officials, delegates to party conventions, both county and state, and the committee that will ultimately decide who the delegates are to the National Convention where the participants vote for President.

These delegates decide who gets to be on the presidential ballot in 2012. And it all starts by being involved in your local precinct election/meetings…

Read more: The Precinct: The Most Powerful Office. Get Involved!

Note:  This information was compiled our contacts who are working to restore the republic by Kaye Beach, Sandra Crosnoe, Porter Davis and Ryan Underwood.  Many others worked on the sample resolutions and are referenced on the sites linked. Note date change due to weather!

Thank you all for your efforts for limited, constitutional government!

Links for downloadable documents:

Scribd Link for Sample Resolutions from OKgrassroots

Scribd Link for Oklahoma Republican Party – County Chair Packets 34 pages

Scribd Link for Oklahoma Republican Party Rules 2003 version

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