Are you smarter than a 4th/5th grader?

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking to the 4th and 5th graders at Broken Arrow's Indian Springs Elementary School. With 45 minutes to speak to each grade, I was able to talk about the history of our country, our system of government, and even take questions from the kids. The 4th graders have not yet studied the forming of our nation and the colonial period, so they had many questions about the Revolutionary War. Our program was very interactive with the kids, and I was able to have them participate in explaining our system of government and the various branches. While most people are taught that there are 3 branches of government: the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial; very few people realize that these are just different branches of the three separate parts of our government: the federal, the States, and we the People. Not only was I able to explain to the children that We the People are the most important part of the government, and that the government derives its power from us, but I was also able to explain that all our rights come from our Creator.

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