U.S. National Debt

As the federal government continues its out-of-control spending spree, they continue to put us further in debt to countries like China and Saudia Arabia. The current debt owed by each American citizen stands at over $38,000.00. Not per family or household, but per PERSON.

And when you take into account all of the money promised for Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, etc. the total comes out to over $250,000.00 PER citizen! This means that every single man, women, boy and girl owes over a quarter of a MILLION dollars! It is imperative that we put a stop to this ludicrous spending spree before the federal government bankrupts our country, causing the governments of China and Saudi Arabia to come to our shores seeking payment for their loans. To find a more in depth break down of where the money goes, visit usdebtclock.org.

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