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Many people have asked about how they should vote in the upcoming election seeing as there is much more on the ballot than just the presidential election. We also have 6 state questions, 2 Tulsa County propositions, and many judges to vote to retain or not. While different people will both agree and disagree with these suggestions, they are simply suggestions. You must ultimately decide how to cast your ballot, and this information is provided so that you can be better informed when you vote. A good rule of thumb when in doubt is to simply vote no. One of our lesser-known Presidents often said he would rather be known for the legislation that he opposed, than for more legislation being passed and further burdening the people. With that in mind here is some information to help you be informed as you go to vote:

Tulsa County “Vision2″ Propostions 1 & 2: vote NO

While these items all sound good, many problems have surfaced regarding these propositions. Most of the planning was done behind closed doors and public input was only accepted after it was decided to be put on the ballot. The language for these propositions also provides no guarantees. There is no guarantee that the money used in Prop 1 will save any of the jobs that are being threatened as possibly leaving, and there is no guarantee that the money pledged in Prop 2 will go to any of the suggested improvements. Nathan has publicly opposed Vision2 for these and many more reasons, and encourages you to vote NO.

State Questions

Two organizations have released information regarding the State Questions that can be viewed at the following links:

Click to access 2012_OK-SAFE_State_Questions_CHART_Final.pdf

Many conservative groups disagree on how to vote for these state questions. For instance, with SQ762, it would be good to relieve the burden of paroles from the Governor, as most states have done, but it is always best to have someone that is elected to be ultimately accountable. The main reason for disagreements on these questions is that they each have pros and cons to them, and even if the pros currently outweigh the cons, there is potential down the line for it to change for the worse. Each of these look to be a step in the right direction, but there are errors that will need to be fixed down the line if they are passed now as currently written.

There are two judges known to be Constitutionalists that need to be retained, they are Judge Lewis and Judge Buettner. Vote TO RETAIN these judges and not to retain all others.

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