UPDATE: Piers Morgan Act and upcoming session

UPDATE: Piers Morgan Act and upcoming session

Many people have asked for an update regarding the “Piers Morgan Act”. Fortunately, the bill helped to accomplish the goal of emphasizing the changes needed in Oklahoma to better protect our rights to self-defense as protected by the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately, there are some in the Senate that believe our current gun laws are “good enough like they are”. It is due to this attitude that one committee chairman has been refused to grant hearings to almost every bill dealing with improving our gun rights.With that mindset, the committee chairman has refused to hear many bills, including the Piers Morgan Act. I made every attempt to work within the existing rules, such as offering committee substitutes and floor amendments, but leadership refused to grant the bill a hearing in any form. Although the bill was not passed this year, we’ve made progress. Rest assured that I will not give up the fight, and will continue to use all means available to fight to protect our rights.

Our new session is coming up soon, and I will continue to work on similar legislation. Even with the committee chairman’s attempts to stop these good bills, progress has been made, in large part due to an organization you may not be aware of yet.

This organization has done as much or more over the last five years to impact your liberty than any other advocacy organization in Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association has been heavily involved in the legislative process, helping to usher more than thirty pro-gun measures through the legislature since its founding in 2009.

OK2A Legislative Accomplishments
  • An emergency powers bill prohibiting state or local government from restricting the otherwise legal possession of firearms during a declared state of emergency and allowing citizens to seek civil recourse against state or local government officials who violate the act.
  • A bill restoring the private property rights of private schools so their governing bodies set weapons policies for their facilities.
  • A series of bills granting immunity from liability resulting from the decision to allow carry for private schools, employers, places of worship, and businesses.
  • A bill removing spring assisted knives from the list of prohibited weapons.
  • A series of bills allowing for handgun licensees to leave their handgun secured in their locked vehicles while parked on Vo-Tech and K-12 school parking lots.
  • Plus, OK2A was the primary organization responsible for behind the scenes negotiations that ushered the Open Carry bill through the legislative process.

These bills and many others would not be law today in Oklahoma if it were not for OK2A.  This includes my NFA bill passed this year.  OK2A was instrumental in the rapid veto override vote taken in the House after Governor Fallin vetoed the bill.

OK2A’s continued growth is crucial if we hope to further broaden gun-owners’ rights in Oklahoma.  National organizations have helped in this process, but there is no substitute for a vibrant local organization to lead the charge in defending the Second Amendment at the state level.
OK2A’s coffers are critically low.  With moderate Republicans in control of the Senate, a stronger, larger OK2A will only serve to help me and other pro-liberty legislators have greater success in advancing pro-liberty legislation.

State_Sen._Nathan_Dahm_on_CNN_with_Piers_MorganI’m asking you to consider joining OK2A today for as little as $25.  Please go to OK2A.org today and join.  Together we will continue to restore the liberties taken from us.

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