Gary Jones Launches Government Efficiency Column

The Government Efficiency Project

Gary Jones recently stepped in & rescued the OKGOP 2015 Convention
from a near collapse, when the organization’s systems shut down & put
the process on a 5 hour delay, with no credentialing solution.

  State Auditor, and former OKGOP Chairman, Gary Jones, is focusing significant efforts to improving the efficiency of the state government in his beloved state of Oklahoma. Some of that significant effort is now turned to communicating these ideas with his thoughtful fellow citizens.

“If you look at it from a business standpoint, what we’re doing now makes absolutely
no sense,”

His writings will now be shared in part with the readers of Sooner Politics Newspaper. This is Mr. Jones’ effort to utilize social media and the web to communicate directly with Oklahomans in a way that does not become subject to media misrepresentations or editorial errors.

Gary has devoted much of his public life to improving county services, political party reform, and state agency accountability. His reputation for fairness and mutual respect for all Oklahomans has elevated him to a stature which very few in the Sooner state ever attain. In his beloved Republican Party the admiration for his leadership is perhaps on a scale with the late great Governor Dewey Bartlett of decades past.

Recently, Gary has begun a dialogue which has shaken legislators to the core. He openly questions whether Oklahoma isn’t wasting too much money and effort through meaningless repetition in the legislative process. He is calling for a public discourse and study of a Unicameral option for the legislative process.

To this end, Gary Jones is launching a newspaper column and facebook page devoted to Government Efficiency. In fact, the title is simply that. The campaign has also expanded into speaking engagements at political functions and before civic groups. He has been interviewed by media editorial boards and out and about in many community interactions.

Gary invites you to interact in the discussion at the Government Efficiency Page

Please visit Gary on Facebook or the project website ( Contact him at


David Van Risseghem


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