Precinct Leader Project

For Politics and for Survival in Tough Times…

If you have been involved in politics for any length of time whatsoever, you have a vague understanding of what a precinct is and what a county is and that you live in one of each. The precinct is the basic building block of political organization. If you want to have an impact in your area on issues and candidates, you simply must get organized and be a part of a team effort to get information out and make sure the people know when it is important to vote – especially in surprise local special elections and all the ‘little’ bond elections.

[Editor’s Note:  This project is important not only for political networking but for survival in tough times too.  It is important to know your neighbors and be a part of the solution whatever lies ahead!/sc]

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Read more of the plan here >>> The Precinct Leader Project – OKGrassroots (it is a top tab on the website!)

About OKGrassroots Network
This is us. You are Here! We are network of grassroots activists working for limited Constitutional government and more freedom for the people in Oklahoma. We do our best to keep our representatives accountable and in touch with the people who elected them to office. We work hard to be sure that what you read here is true from every angle and ready to share with friends and neighbors. We encourage you to get involved in your county and make a difference and have fun along the way! For more information online visit and share: OKGrassroots

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