Just Two Points Separate Healthcare Repeal From Success

The Ryan plan to change ObamaCare has just 2 reforms. There were 12 key overhauls in the ObamaCare legislation. Most of those overhauls were delegated to the HHS Secretary's discretion. Ryan only statutorily reverses
  1. the Employer mandate to buy insurance for the employees, and
  2. the personal mandate to have orthodox coverage.
​ ​  Mark Meadows, leader of the Freedom Caucus, offered a deal to Ryan and Trump, whereby the Freedom Caucus would largely support the bill. If the Ryan bill was amended to statutorily do away with:
  1. Mandated inclusions of a vast grocery list of benefits in every and any policy written in the US
  2. Community Ratings; whereby everyone in a region is put into a high risk pool, so that the most expensive patients' expenses are borne by the whole community, so that the few really expensive patients get to pay the low price of a healthy young person.

​  8 other mandates would be significantly suppressed by the HHS secretary (Tom Price). the problem with that is obvious, in that a liberal future president can simply order the resumption of most of Obamacare by simple acts of regulatory edict.​
  But it seems the Republican Tuesday Morning group is refusing to get rid of the mandated inclusions (prostate exam benefits for little girls and pap smears for old men); and The mushy middle Republicans don't seem to want  to make affluent sickly folks fund their own sector.