Nathan Dahm: Constitutional Carry (SB1212)

Have you heard the news? We just scored a huge victory for the 2nd Amendment here in Oklahoma.
The Oklahoma legislature passed my Senate Bill 1212 known as Constitutional Carry, guaranteeing every law-abiding Oklahoman has the ability to defend themselves without the burden of a government-issued license.
I believe the 2nd Amendment and the right to self-defense is fundamental. That’s why I proudly lead the charge to secure your rights and passed Constitutional Carry. 
None of our other core freedoms require the government’s stamp of approval. The liberal media would go crazy if we tried to establish the Bureau of News, Print, and Press.
Constitutional Carry is just a signature away from becoming law in Oklahoma, but Hollywood liberals and the media elite are attacking. Can I count on your support to help fend them off?  formerly/ (archived link) Your support will go a long way towards helping us spread our message of liberty and freedom! Thank you and God Bless. For the People, Nathan Dahm
We still need Governor Fallin to sign the legislation. Would you mind giving her a call real quick and tell her you support Senate Bill 1212 and Constitutional Carry in Oklahoma! Here’s her number: 405-521-2342 (option 2).

Constitutional Carry is only a signature away!

Constitutional Carry Constitutional Carry is almost across the finish line! If you support the 2nd Amendment and the right to self-defense, please call Governor Mary Fallin today! Call >>> 405-521-2342 Posted by Nathan Dahm on Tuesday, May 8, 2018