Oklahoma Watchman: Kevin McDugle You’re No Longer A Drill Instructor


It's not often that we report on two bad actors on the same subject. This is one of those times. Last week we presented a report on "Bullies in the House." This report will show you the tale of the accomplice to the first gentleman we talked about. He was mentioned in that report as well. In this case some of his military training was abused.
This started with this this report from the from the publication Non-Doc. The report would be correct or even avoided had these two Representatives done their homework. If this is indicative of their leadership skills while in the military, it's a very bad example presented.
We started looking into this gentleman by going to his state web site here. This indicates that he served his country in Somalia, Bosnia and Saudi Arabia. We do thank him for his service. It also indicates that he was a Drill Instructor for the Marine Corps at Parris Island, S.C. That is where the problem began.
Maine Corps Drill Instructors are a unique group of individuals. They are tasked with taking young men and women straight from the civilian community and making them Marines in a short period of time. They are supposed to have the ability to be tough, harsh individuals at work. They are expected to leave that environment at the base while they are off duty. Mr. McDugle apparently has not been able to do so. He became a bully.
Mr. McDugle swore an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. In that he has failed to protect the citizens of his district much less the state of Oklahoma. We see him just trying to get his name in the history of Oklahoma and doesn't really care about who's toes he steps on. He gives the indications of being a bully and braggart. He failed to investigate this incident just, so he could get his name in the paper.
We next came across this YouTube video report indicating that he disrespected the teachers and indicated he would never vote for another pay raise for them in the future. He indicates that he believes that the education budget has shorted teachers for several years. This is further proof of his lack of knowledge. The education budget has grown every year. This is a lack of appropriate management of funds by school districts. They used the increases to hire administrators not teachers. Once again, he proves he is incapable of seeking the truth. It was enough to draw a challenger from the ranks of the teachers to run against him in his bid for re-election.
This was in response to this YouTube video in posted. To a point, we can understand his frustration, however he fails to mention that several bills were introduced that would have given a pay raise to the teachers without raising our taxes. This is a good indication of his inability to control his temper and just spout off at the mouth without thinking of the consequences. He wanted the tax hike as much as Governor Fallin did.
His performance that day was to the point that it made national news in some publications. We found this left leaning publication Slate magazine. This was an error simply because he decided to speak without thinking. It's almost required from those that know not of what they say.
Now when he was elected to the State House of Representatives, he took an oath to protect and defend the State's Constitution as well. We found this information on him and his fellow liberal Republican.
McDugle, 2018 Platform Index Score of 24 and
Josh West, 2018 Platform Index Score of 11,
Slander a True Conservative with a 2018 Platform Index score of 92
These Index Scores indicate that he lacks knowledge of what is contained in the State's Constitution. How can he justify calling himself a Republican with these scores. Most of the Democrats would fare better than this. He fails to follow the Party Platform more than he does agree with it.
Then he and his partner in slime appear to brag about it in this article in the Tulsa World. Without doing the homework to make such a statement, he failed to see that this member was an Honorary member of the Disabled American Veterans. That was given to the Representative because of the work he's done to aide those Veterans. This was done in concert with the same Representative who caused a stir with a respected member of the House simply because that member wanted to see what the news conference was about, and had plans were being acted upon to override the tax increase by common citizens. It's called doing your homework and getting the intelligence needed to counter-act the group.
Looking at Votesmart.com tells the story.
We went to the key-votes age here. The best thing we can say about his voting record is that he never met a tax increase he didn't like. They must have felt that raising taxes was easier to do then stop giving corporate welfare to the companies that finance their campaigns.
We next went to the Candidate Evaluation page and found this information. The ratings of this individual indicate he has more support for business than he does for you the tax payer. His rating from the NRA is only 86%. We weren't able to find his specific job while in the Marines, but these are not good ratings.
We next went to the campaign finance reports. Here is what we found. He did have numerous individual donations, but the report also indicates that there were numerous Political Action Committees, Unions and the big industry corporations as single-issue donors. We must point out that this finance report was from his first campaign for the position he holds. We also found indications o his running for State Senator in 2012.
Then we found this, the petition for his divorce actually points out and highlights this individual's ability to raise his family. It gets worse. If these allegations are proven to be fact, this individual need not represent District 12. He should be answering to the legal system why. It would also be a good indication that he does suffers from anger management issues and is hiding from the people the truth of his fitness to serve.
Then there is this report. This act alone is not representative of Oklahoma Values. He, along with his girlfriend, took a trip to New York City to attend a conference that would change the way voting happens in America. Hat conference was for a winner takes all in voting instead of the individual states voting for one candidate and the winner would be decided on a state level. This is trying to eliminate the Electoral Collage. That would give all the power to the east and west coast and nullify your vote. That is more common in dictatorships and Communist countries.
Then there was this report. The challenge itself should indicate that Mr. McDugle isn't fit for office. It would be interesting to see the Election Commission's report and the excuse he made.
We also found  this report. The Commission decided to allow Mr. McDugle to remain on the ballot. We can't understand the reasoning for this action without being able to see the Commission's report. That also raises the question of why there are no campaign funding reports for this election cycle on file and available to the public. It gives one the impression that both he and the Election Commission are hiding something from the public.
In conclusion we can only say that this man has no right to be calling someone out over an integrity problem. The Speaker of the House should have stopped this before it ever got started. With an allegations of abuse and adultery pending, he has not earned the right to represent a dog much less the citizens of District 12. His attitude and conduct should make him unable to run for office as a Republican.