Sooner Politics: Permitless Carry Law Enacted

  With ink still drying on the Senate documents, the governor's team went into swift action and organized a blue-room signing event. Today, Governor Kevin Stitt signed his first new law.   What's been called "Constitutional Carry" has been an effort which took the efforts of many strong conservative lawmakers over the past 10 years, to bring about. Last year it failed the last hurdle and was thrown into Governor Mary Fallin's trash can.  But this year there were three new...

Rep. Tom Gann, former rep. Jeff Coody, Rep. Jim Olsen, Rep. Sean Roberts, Sen. David Bullard, Rep. Jon Echols, Rep. Kevin West, Rep. Denise Crosswhite-Hader, OK2A Legislative Director - Don Spencer, former rep. Dan Fisher, Sen. Nathan Dahm.

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