This a Republican Turning Point

Did the prolonged fight for the Speaker’s gavel create circumstances for change in Washington — especially in the Republican party? For the first time in over a century, it took 15 rounds of voting, cajoling, compromise, and almost one fistfight to select a Speaker of the House. The MSM gleefully reported on the “Republican clown show,” predicting that the conflict would split the party. They even fantasized that it could result in a Democrat Speaker, in a majority Republican House of Representatives. What a sweet victory that would be. Well, the Republicans didn’t break up, the Democrats didn’t pull off an upset, and the MSM was blind to something much more significant.

The Dems screwed up — again. They had an opportunity to pick the kind of Speaker they’d like to work with, and they squandered it. If they’d had their thinking caps on, they would have realized that it was to their advantage to vote for Kevin McCarthy — the Republican. They probably could have even negotiated some concessions from McCarthy for their support — because he wanted the job really, really bad. Had the Democrats done so, they could have pulled McCarthy over the finish line, and he would have become the Speaker despite resistance in his own party — before he had to make concessions to that resistance.


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