Speaker McCarthy delivers…so far

The 118th Session of the U.S. House of Representatives is off to a roaring start, amidst adoption of HR 5. Rules negotiated between newly-elected Speaker Kevin McCarthy and twenty America First members. After five grueling days of balloting without a final selection, McCarthy won election by virtue of being smart enough to collaborate with the objecting members who remain unshakable in their principles.

What is unique is how, literally overnight, Republican House members morphed into a united, formidable party of relevance and authority as Majority Leader Steve Scalise (LA) and Rules Committee Chair Tom Cole (OK) took full command of the House floor guiding adoption of the rules on a party line 220 – 213 vote with one nay Republican vote.

As debates evolved over the next three days, Republicans played it perfectly, focused on the high road, maintaining a civil attitude of collegiality with reliable facts and pledging to benefit all Americans with a more equitable, engaged process before taking legislation to the House floor.

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