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Oklahoma candidates discuss issues facing seniors

(Left to Right) Lt. Governor Jeri Askins, Senator Randy Brogdon and Attorney General Drew Edmondson. (Source: candidates discuss issues facing seniors

Revenue’s a factor in state’s ability to offer services


Judges INFORMATION ABOUT JUDGES ON THE GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT NOVEMBER 4, 2008 The following is information on the judges who will be on the ballot November 4. This information comes from several sources including attorneys and people who know some of these judges or how they have ruled on certain cases. Voters will be asked […]

I’m one of many sensing conditions are ripe for another OKC Bombing/9-11 false flag event. Adventurer and insider Jack Wheeler warns its coming, “Will Obama Go to Oklahoma? Will Americans junk the Bill of Rights the next time they see pictures of dead …

Real Stimulus Is Coming To Oklahoma

Real “Stimulus” is coming to the State of Oklahoma this weekend. It’s not in the form of another bail-out or government controlled earmark spending. Starting at 12:01 am Friday morning through midnight on Sunday, a holiday will be placed on the collect…

Lockheed Martin invests in Solar Power?

This one is interesting. As I read this article about how predicted solar flares in 2012 could potentially disrupt the electric grid, and thus all our lives, I noticed the Lockheed Martin reference. Coincidentally, or not, Lockheed is investing in solar power. 1) Tech Article: Excerpt: “Namely, a decade of major solar storms forecasted […]