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Fred Morgan: Agency Review Committee Needed

  Here’s one idea from Fred Morgan which I can really support the need for. There is very little continuity of oversight in our state agencies. Every May, in the waning hours of the long session; with bloodshot eyes our two chambers are presented with a “take it or shut it down” decision. Much of the money in the annual proposed budget has no specific earmark language tied to it.  The Agencies take the money and do whatever level of serving the public that […]

Editorial: New Legislative Candidates We Like

Part One in a series of election previews McDugle, McEachin, & Grimes are each running in state house races.   The editorial board of Sooner Politics begins posting our research findings on several state legislative races in the coming days. Today we start off with three solid candidates whom we are sure will not disappoint. The 3 member editorial board of Sooner Politics will be posting in other races, in the coming days. […]

State Auditor Gary Jones: On the State of Oklahoma Government

 Tonight I had the privilege of spending the evening with a small group of conservatives. We asked the Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector, Gary Jones, to give us his report on the state of Oklahoma government. He gave us more information than I could dictate to my twitter account, but I got some bullet points to share with the readers.  Mr. Jones said little about the recently released audit of the Oklahoma County jail, in Oklahoma City. Most of that is covered in my previous repor […]

A Chronology Of The Oklahoma Academic Standards Review Process

This last week has been an exciting one in the life of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).  Here’s what you need to know.

  • According to HB3399 the new OAS was to be presented by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to the legislature at the beginning of the legislative session.  This was done by the OSDE in February following the release of the fourth draft in January.

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This last week has been an exciting one in the life of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).  Here’s what you need to know.

The public began making comment on the new OAS after the release of the first draft in June of 2015.  ROPE also began …

Oklahoma Bill to Review and Reject Federal Regulations Introduced by Nathan Dahm - SB1161

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 8, 2016) – An Oklahoma bill would require legislative approval before a state agency could adopt or enforce any new federal rule or regulation, setting the stage to nullify such rules and regulations in practice.

Sen. Nathan Dahm (R-Broken Arrow) introduced Senate Bill 1161 (SB1161) on Feb. 1. The legislation would require state agencies to submit any new federal rule or regulation applying to them to the Oklahoma House and Senate before its adoption or implementation. Under the proposed law, the legislature would have the power to disapprove any such federal rule or regulation through passage of a joint resolution.

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In a Time of Oklahoma’s Budgetary Shortfalls, Paying Film Companies to do Business Here Must Go

Oklahoma Film and Music screenshot

The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program was appropriated $5 million for Fiscal Year 2016 and is a program which offers expense rebates to film companies who film in the State of Oklahoma (House Bill 2242). In essence, Oklahoma is paying film companies to make movies here. Although a small amount compared to the 2016 total budget (around $7 billion), the film rebate program is one among many small cuts which could be made to help out in times of budget shortfalls. Oklahoma Legislative Review is calling on Legislators to boldly cut this and other unnecessary functions of government.