Neanderthal Man’s Recreated Face Takes Internet By Storm

Posted by Ada Coddington A Neanderthal man’s face was recently reconstructed by a team of experts, with his image going viral all over the world as people appreciated his good humor and magnetic personality. Credit: Facebook/Archaeology Magazine A recreation of a Neanderthal man’s face is turning heads all over the world – not only for […]

Afghanistan: Ex-Bagram inmates recount stories of abuse, torture

Posted by Ada Coddington Former prisoners return to the now abandoned US-run Bagram jail, which was notorious for enhanced interrogations. Hamza recounts the torture he endured during his imprisonment at Bagram Bagram, Afghanistan – Hajimumin Hamza walks through a long, dark corridor and carefully inspects the area as if he has never seen it before. […]

1889 Institute: Oklahoma’s tax system can be improved

PRINCIPLES FOR SOUND TAX POLICYOklahoma’s tax system can be improved.OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (July 15, 2021) – The 1889 Institute has published “The Why and How of Sound Tax Policy,” an exploration into the principles that should be followed in formulating t…

Tomorrow, September 24, 2021, the City of Tulsa Election District Commission will hold a special meetingto consider a set of five proposed plans for redrawing Tulsa’s city council district boundaries for possible presentation for public comme…

Fire Feeding Feds

The Feds are still feeding the Inflation fire. They might taper off on their bond buying spree but still plan to keep interest rates near zero. Meanwhile Republicans want to blame Democrats for raising the debt ceiling to make room for more fuel. Wall Street seems to have overcome its China angst, for now. It’s

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Republicans: Stop Funding An Unaccountable Military

Posted by Ada Coddington Ohio’s Rep. Davidson argues Congress must not authorize the NDAA until senior military leadership are held accountable and replaced. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, brief the media on Afghanistan, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Aug. 18, 2021. […]