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Notorious RBG Packs for New Zealand

Canada must be getting crowded with Trump averse celebrities. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, told the NYT she’s headed for New Zealand if The Donald gets elected. She said, “I can’t imagine what our country would be like with Donald Trump as president.” Trump called the Supreme Court Justice’s criticism “highly inappropriate“. The Times and Washington Post editorial pages agreed. But Justice Ginsburg,

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National Day of Prayer in Bartlesville Was a Solemn Assembly with a Spirit of Humility

Pastors from all over the city led prayers over various topics from Marriage to Business, to Media and more. Together we prayed out loud a prayer of repentance – chilling in it’s scope. While I have attended the day of prayer events in the past and even called people to join in — this time there was something different in the air. I don’t know if people realize how much trouble we are in as a nation, but they seemed to. There was a spirit of humility in the air, a sense of urgency to get it right, a calling that we must beseech the Lord for His grace and mercy in this time. We have failed to do the things necessary to protect this nation in this hour. We do not know if there is time to turn things around, but we do know the solutions are beyond our abilities. We will need the intervention of the Lord God Almighty every step of the way.

Obamacare Could Implode: The IRS Rule Supreme Court Case

On Friday, November 7, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review a case that could cause the health care law to implode. The Court will very likely hear oral arguments on the case, referred to as King v. Burwell, this coming March and issue a ruling in June.

The potential impact on President Barack Obama’s “signature accomplishment”, which most of us commonly refer to as Obamacare, is not some fantastical desire of mine. Many opponents and proponents of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) agree that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs (King), it’ll be difficult for the law to hang together1The following list of articles represent perspectives of opponents, proponents and purportedly “neutral” sources, all conveying in one form or another that the PPACA is in jeopardy because of the Supreme Court case: “Obamacare Challenge Gets High Court Review, With Crucial Tax Credits At Stake” – Bloomberg, A Huffington Post piece by Terry Connelly, “A Supreme Court Case That Could Upend Obamacare” at, “Three Reasons A New Supreme Court Obamacare Case Matters to Pro-Lifers” – The Federalist, “U.S. Supreme Court to hear Obamacare subsidies case” – Yahoo Finance..


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