Randy Barnett

Randy Barnett has served on numerous campaigns, always supporting the America First – Reagan wing of the party, serving as a policy and issues adviser for GOP candidates committed to Constitutional standards and defending the Bill of Rights. Randy served faithfully as precinct chair in the Republican Party in Washington County for many years. He now lives in the Tulsa area and serves as NE Oklahoma Coordinator for Oath Keepers. You can see more of his work via RJ (Randy) Barnett’s Blog.

America is Running out of Time — States Emergency Summit Plan

Stewart Rhodes for Oathkeepers2Founder and Director of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes urges all Oath Keeper chapters across the country to hold an Emergency Summit by state, in order to prepare for an economic collapse. ‘Assume the worst’ and formulate support teams. Food storage the most crucial.

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The Shifting Battle: Independence or Servitude?

Freedom is not free hd10PREVIEW Question: What two institutions are the last best hope for a civil restoration of the Republic and the removal of the klepto-cratic elite from power in the District of Corruption and your state capitol? ( hint: look in your Bill of Rights )

Now that the majority of primary voters in America have confirmed their preference for stagnant politics and the status quo, a growing minority of American patriots are finding their best hope for recovering America’s lost liberties has nothing to do with conventional party politics – the soap box and the ballot box.

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christmasadventhopeI would deeply appreciate your prayers for one another as well as myself and family, that we may seek what is best.  This is a week of national prayer, as announced by several prominent ministries.  We must seek wisdom to know where to focus attention and energy in the coming weeks and months.

To everyone who contributed, even the least measure of support, I am most grateful  for your help and common desire to bring a renewal of freedom, righteousness and justice to both the Republican party  and the people of Oklahoma.  Let’s  take the earliest opportunity to meet again, encourage one another and pursue the hope of advancing the kingdom of God.

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GOA Logo 2014Excerpted from the letter above:

Gun Owners of America is a no compromise organization, and we were pleased to see that you have a solid understanding behind the legal and historical intent of the Second Amendment as set by our Founding Fathers.  This made clear by your 100% score on the GOA candidate questionnaire.  

Our nation is in desperate need of principled leaders like yourself, and your service in the Oklahoma Legislature will be invaluable in defense of the Second Amendment.

Mr. Barnett and his team are most honored by this vote of confidence from our friends at Gun Owners of America.  We deeply appreciate their faithfulness in serving as watchdogs on the hill and encouraging grassroots activism armed with solid information on matters facing the nation relative to our precious second amendment rights.

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OK2A Endorsement Goes to Randy Barnett for HD10

This just in from Don Spencer of the Oklahoma Second Amendment (OK2A) Group:
Randy Barnett has been endorsed by the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

We look forward to seeing his commitment to the State by serving House District 10


Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC) – Endorses Randy Barnett, candidate for House District 10.

OCPAC mission statement:
“to promote and support constitutionalists in the state legislature who oppose expansive government …