Liberty on Tap

Liberty on Tap

Liberty on Tap seeks to empower and assist individuals in Tulsa and the surrounding areas in becoming better connected, informed, and involved in their community through activism, education, and involvement in the Republican Party.

Through monthly social gatherings, we expand our understanding of the philosophy of freedom as it relates to economics, the proper role of government, and issues on the local, state, and federal levels. We hope to increase our opportunities for involvement through collegial and casual interaction.

Liberty on Tap:  August Gathering

Which Libertarian candidate should be the next Oklahoma Governor? Liberty on Tap is pleased to present to our Tulsa area friends gubernatorial runoff candidates Chris Powell and Rex Lawhorn. We will hear from the candidates through a moderated debate/Q&A-type format in which you will have the opportunity to question the candidates yourself. Stick around after […]

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Liberty on Tap:  July Gathering – John Yeutter

What does the State Auditor do and why a Libertarian is best for the job. John Yeutter is running for the office of State Auditor and will have some enlightening information to share with us. We will be at Albert G’s Bar & Q downtown Tulsa this month in the private dining room. Thursday, July 5th […]

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Liberty on Tap:  Clearing the air -- Vote YES on SQ788

I read Michael Bates’s latest blog post encouraging people to vote no on SQ788 and was struck by his account of a local doctor’s opinion on State Question 788. It’s as if the doctor whom he cites has gotten his information from “Everything You Need to Know About THC” by James Lankford. If Mr. Bates is accurate that this doctor truly believes that ALL of the health benefits of cannabis are currently available in full spectrum hemp oil [which he apparently sells out of his clinic], without the side effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance found in marijuana, then the doctor is deficient in facts or Mr. Bates has misunderstood the doctor.

It’s true that “full spectrum hemp oil” has beneficial qualities, but it only scratches the surface. THC is also an important compound. The problem we have now in Oklahoma is that the legal amount of THC in our state (less than three-tenths of one percent) is simply not adequate in the treatment of many diseases. People with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Tourette syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, and Epilepsy need access to higher levels of THC. For gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s, THC is crucial for healing.

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Liberty on Tap: Confession of A Homeschool Mom Supporting Cannabis Legalization

by Joanna Francisco

I certainly do not claim to be an expert on this subject, however I find the topic very intriguing on several levels. Its medicinal benefits, the origin of its prohibition beginning in the 1930s, the economic and political aspects of its prohibition including industries that benefit financially from…

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Liberty on Tap:  June Gathering -- Know Your Farmer

We are happy to announce that Kris Gosney with John’s Farm will join us in June. Located near Fairview, Oklahoma, John’s Farm produces organic wheat and organic beef, along with a host of other products available under the Fairview’s Best, Cattle…

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Liberty on Tap:  May Gathering (Tulsa Area)

Join us as we discuss the regressive left… the new hotness in 21st-century fascism.

Michael Wieland will lead the discussion that will center around identifying existing and potential friction points in American politics and Western culture and what it means to individual liberty.


Thursday, May 3rd at 6 pm
Please join us in the private dining room.

Albert G’s BBQ
421 E 1ST ST
(1st & Elgin)
Tulsa, OK

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Liberty on Tap:  April Gathering

When you talk to others about liberty, are you being heard or do your subjects see you more as a shouting lunatic? Would it not be more productive to actually have your message received rather than being shut out?

You are in for a treat! Nick Vest will facilitate a fun, engaging, interactive discussion on fine-tuning your message of liberty. We will be at Albert G’s in Downtown this time!

Kid friendly!

Thursday, April 5th at 6 pm
Please join us in the private dining room for great BBQ, locally crafted beer, and Tulsa’s largest bourbon selection!

Albert G’s Bar & Q
421 E 1st St.
Tulsa, OK

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Liberty on Tap:  I’m Getting Older Too

If you are alive today, you are aging. I am aging too. With that fact in mind, I consider working to pass State Question 788 a smart investment in my health future. I don’t want to be left scrambling for a solution when I’m facing cancer, P…

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