Shelli Dawdy

On Loss of Belladier David Hall: Bells Must Be Ringing in Heaven

I’m feeling, I think, only a small measure of the true loss to our country and the understandable sadness of a dear friend at the news of the death of Texan David Hall. Along with all of this, I’m feeling my own negligence in failing to introduce GiN’s readers to David and his family and…

I think it’s fair to say that Linda hasn’t been all that impressed with some of the social media venues like Facebook and Twitter heretofore. But, in the last few weeks, she has found that Twitter does has have a few charms…now and then. I can see why Linda has taken notice. First it was […]

Updated Editor’s Note: This is the sixth article in a series about Nebraska politics, particularly as pertains to the Nebraska Republican Party and closely connected groups and their relationship to the “tea party movement”. We recommend starting with the article “Nebraska’s Ruling Class and the Perils of (Assisted) Political Suicide” which includes links to all […]

  I’m not sure there is a whole lot that I need to say in this article, besides giving some necessary background, because the information here speaks volumes, all by itself. The image, below, was taken from “Follow the Money”, which gets its numbers from the State of Nebraska filings. Note that my annotated snapshot […]