David Van Risseghem

David Van Risseghem has recreated the look and feel of a newspaper online for the Conservative movement in Oklahoma. He shares that the spectrum of Conservative vision will have diverse manifestations. Solid reasoning is expected and clarity of expressed values is to be appreciated. Freedom of the press is not just for commercial press. It is the citizen’s right to distribute His Free Speech.
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Democrat Sheriff switches to the OKGOP

    Delaware County Sheriff, Harlan Moore, announced to the Delaware County GOP that he is reregistered and running for reelection as a Republican.  He had been a Democrat all his life.  Tonight he announced his campaign to his fellow GOP members at the county monthly GOP meeting…

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Real ID Bill To Be Voted In House On Wednesday

The Real ID Repeal bill  goes before the full A&B committee tomorrow at 3pm. 
  The Constitutional Alliance released this bulletin to inform concerned Oklahomans of the ramifications of the legislature’s actions.

“In 2007 Oklahoma legislators –unanimously- passed a law prohibiting the implementation of the REAL ID Act, finding that the “federal REAL ID Act of 2005 is inimical to the security and well-being of the people of Oklahoma. . .”

Citing issues related to the costs of implementing REAL ID, harm to liberty and privacy interests of the people and federal overreach, at least 25 states passed a law or resolution prohibiting the implementation of Real ID in their states.
This year some have decided to its time to implement the federal REAL ID Act in Oklahoma.

The governor and Senate leadership worked on Senate Bill 1362, which would create two state identification cards, said state Sen. David Holt. One card would be compliant with decade-old REAL ID federal guidelines that set minimum security standards for state-issued IDs, including driver’s licenses. Enforcement of the guidelines has been delayed as several states refused to comply.

Liberals Censored By OK Democrat Leadership

There appears to be a possible civil war brewing within the Oklahoma Democrat party over an email sent to legislative leaders, ordering them into silence on many unpopular liberal issues.

  The Gayly (an advocacy journal of the homosexual cause) published a story which complained about the email from the Oklahoma Democrat Party Chairman. In the email, he lists several hot-button liberal issues which he ordered Democrat leaders to keep their mouths shut about.


Common Core Is Back: Hofmeister Accused Of Lying To Legislature

Rep. Cleveland takes aim at the state education leadership for deceit. News9 reports:

  Some frustrated lawmakers said they feel duped by state Education Superintendent Joy Hofmeister.

  Rep. Bob Cleveland says that Hofmeister told his caucus she backed House changes then went back and told the Senate she preferred their changes.

“She left ours, goes over to the Senate and tells a whole different story,” said Cleveland, R-Slaughterville. “She did not tell the truth.”

Editor’s Note: The 2014 repeal effort required a new set of standards to be put in place within 2 years. Recently, the standards were submitted to the legislature with a 30 day review period to respond or be adopted. Today, the legislature’s 30 day dea…

Cruz takes massive early lead in Wyoming

The live results:

  The Casper Star tribune explains the unique Wyoming process, here:

  Wyoming Republicans will gather in each of the state’s 23 counties today to decide on a presidential nominee.
  But while they’ll select 12 delegates to send to the Republican National Convention in July, the process won’t be complete for another month.
  That’s because Wyoming’s selection process stretches over three events — caucuses held earlier this month, today’s county conventions and a statewide convention in April.
  The county conventions could show which GOP presidential candidate has the most support among Wyoming Republicans.
McAnally Elected OKGOP Vice Chair

DeWayne McAnally was selected by the State Committee to complete the term as OKGOP Vice Chair.  After winning a large plurality in the first ballot of a three-way race, Dewayne McAnally was selected as OK GOP Vice chair on an acclimation requested…