David Van Risseghem has recreated the look and feel of a newspaper online for the Conservative movement in Oklahoma. He shares that the spectrum of Conservative vision will have diverse manifestations. Solid reasoning is expected and clarity of expressed values is to be appreciated. Freedom of the press is not just for commercial press. It is the citizen’s right to distribute His Free Speech.
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Oklahoma's Blinded Social Justice Warriors

 Yesterday there was an alert mentioned on the news. Two children were abducted by their birth mother. She had previously lost custody and only allowed court-supervised visitation. The father, who had full custody, reported the abduction to police.   No Amber Alert was published. Even when the 10pm local newscast mentioned  the serious situation, they did not refer this crisis as an “Amber Alert”. &nb […]

The Legality of Home Winemaking In Oklahoma

  In the last days of gov. Brad Henry’s work with the legislature (May, 2010), he ended the nearly 100 years of prohibition as it pertains to home winemaking. In signing HB2348, Brad Henry established a basis for citizens to legally partake in the craft of making wines, ciders, and craft beers. But the state forbids anyone with a past felony record from being able to make his own wine at home.​  Winemaker […]

Marriage Freedom Bill: Dying In Judiciary Committee

  Unless the reforms in the Marriage Freedom Bill are acted upon, the ministers of Oklahoma risk a federal civil rights lawsuit for not preforming homosexual wedding ceremonies.  That’s the concern of Rep. Todd Russ (R-Cordell). He reports that his Marriage Freedom Bill (HB1418) is being refused a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee. Rep Chris Kannady (R-OKC) is the chairman.  This is current bill by the licens […]

TARA:  OKGOP Matriarch, Bunny Chambers, Receives Lifetime Achievement Recognitions

Bunny Chambers receives the inaugural Joan Johnson Citizenship Award, presented by Tulsa Republican Assembly, with the help of Jeff Johnson, son of the late founder of Oklahoma Eagle Forum. ​by ​Donny Tiemann The TARA Event honoring Bunny Chambers a huge success !! Last evening the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly hosted a night of awards and political celebrities as they honored past Eagle Forum President & National Committee Woman, Bunny Chambers ! U.S. Congressman Jim Bride […]

Did A Supreme Court Nominee Violate The Constitution?

  Patrick Wyrick, A native of Atoka, Oklahoma, has been working and living in Oklahoma City. He is, in fact; the Solicitor General for the state of Oklahoma.   But the Oklahoma Constitution mandates that the 9 justices should collectively represent all areas of the state.  In fact, when Steven Taylor, perhaps the most “strict-constructionist” of the justices, retired; the founding text mandates that a qualified attorney or judge from that same 2nd court district should r […]

Mike Hunter Named Attorney General

Matthew Vermillion of FortySix News, reports that Gov. Mary Fallin has tapped her Secretary of state, Mike Hunter, to be the next Oklahoma Attorney General.With Scott Pruitt’s confirmation as the Director of the Envirponmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma lost the services of the 6-year veteran AG and former state senator.  Hunter will be able to complete the nearly 2 years remaining on the term, and also run for up to 2 […]

Tulsa Sheriff Continues Outreach Efforts

By Donny Tiemann  Sheriff Vic Regalado and a group of community leaders with the Sheriff’s Foundation announced it’s official formation and commitment to raise $300,000 for the purchase of body cams for it’s patrol force. The funds will also go towards the establishment of a citizen advisory board that will go through some of the same training that the officers have to go through. Any time the Sheriff’s department can work to […]

Elliot Williams Trial Details Why Tulsa Voters Wanted A More Humane Solution

  Tulsans following the news, this week will hear the horrible story of a life cut short at the Tulsa County jail.   Treatment lacks ‘human decency’from the Tulsa Frontier  Williams, a 37-year-old veteran with no criminal record, died Oct. 27, 2011, after suffering a mental breakdown at an Owasso hotel and ending up in Tulsa’s jail. At some point over the next six days, records show he broke […]