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Sooner Politics:  House Leaders Sneak Thru A Hit On Taxpayer Constitutional Rights

House leadership pulled a surprise maneuver after lunch, today. Without any printed agenda to guide the orderly preparations for legislation, they presented Rep. Scott Fetgatter’s bill to seek a repeal of SQ640 (the taxpayers’ Bill of Rights).  Shortly into the process, Fetgatter was recognized to present his resolution to ask voters to disavow what their fathers fought hard to secure. A right to reign in legislative confiscation of family assets.  Fetgatte […]

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Sooner Politics:  Oklahoma House Passes 'Permitless Carry' Right To Bear Arms

The Oklahoma House voted in overwhelming numbers, to restore some key provisions of the 2nd Amendment, today. HB2918 will end the requirement of a handgun permit for bearing arms in specific criteria.  Rep. Jeff Coody & Sen. Nathan Dahm were the primary authors.  The bill still disallows the lawfulness to possess, if a felony is committed in concert with the possession.  The bill enumerates many specific, yet narrow conditions for the lawful […]

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Sooner Politics:  'Undecided' Breaks Away From The Pack, In GOP Governor Primary Polling

 The Polling services of Oklahoma Strategic Solutions was asked to conduct an independent polling of the Oklahoma Republican electorate for the Gary Richardson Campaign, this past week.   The results are a continuance of the trend toward uncertainty for the announced candidates. While the two top candidates are continuing their downward trajectory, Richardson gained a modest portion and Stitt rose from obscurity to 8.4%. Jones & Fisher still remain […]

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Sooner Politics:  Oil Producers Are Paying 60% More In Taxes This Year

 Oklahoma’s State Treasurer, Ken Miller, is reporting big increases in the oil field taxes paid to the state. He says in his recent press release;”Oil and gas gross production tax collections brought in $564.9 million during the 12 months, up by $206.9 million, or 57.8 percent, from the previous period.” Here’s more of Miller’s report – “Monthly Gross Receipts to the Treasury entered a second year of growth in January with collections topping th […]

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Sooner Politics:  Shh! Don't Tell Anyone... The Oklahoma Recession Is Over

  State Treasurer, Ken Miller, is reporting a record increase continues for state taxes collected. More than 15% increase for February, compared to last year. OKLAHOMA CITY – February Gross Receipts to the Treasury grew by 15.5 percent from the same month of the prior year and reflect an increasing growth rate in collections over the past year, State Treasurer Ken Miller announced today.For 13 o […]

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Sooner Politics Editorial: Media Outlets Discuss A Path Forward On Education

  Following our report on the success of Online Charter Public Schools, KOTV News contacted me for a discussion of the education issues that Oklahoma is faced with.  Journalist Emory Bryan has nearly 30 years experience in Oklahoma TV news. He and I visited this afternoon and rolled the tape. We spoke nearly a half hour and I trust he’ll do his best to condense the content down to fit within the producer’s mandate. That’s a lot to ask of anyone. We’ll post the video when the station…

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Sooner Politics:  An Epic Solution To Oklahoma Education Woes

Oklahoma’s fastest growing public school district ​is also the least expensive to operate.   On Wednesday there will be about 2000 unique students, teachers, and families at the capitol. They are just a portion of the largest school field trip in Oklahoma. Epic Day is when Epic One on One Charter School Takes a trip to the capitol to tell the legislature that they love their school and are happy with their teacher pay. They are not going on strike. Their […]

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Sooner Politics:  Speaker McCall Picks A House Freshman, To Fix Education

  Rhonda Baker joined the legislature a little over a year ago. Today she chairs one of the most powerful and critical committees in the legislative struggle to get common education back under some semblance of order.  Baker comes from a vast & sprawling district which starts a few miles  miles west of Lake Hefner, in the Oklahoma City metro, and ends just a few miles north of the Wichita Mountains, near Lawton, OK. She filed for the office when Da […]

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Sooner Politics:  Teachers Union Faces Sanctions If Illegal Strike Occurs

  In US Labor law, a work stoppage by employees in the term of the existing contract is called a “Wildcat Strike”. It carries criminal and civil punishments.  Here’s what a trusted legal source says about the actions. A wildcat strike is a work stoppage that occurs during the term of a collective bargaining agreement without approval of union leadership and in violation of a no-strike clause. Suc […]

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