David Van Risseghem has recreated the look and feel of a newspaper online for the Conservative movement in Oklahoma. He shares that the spectrum of Conservative vision will have diverse manifestations. Solid reasoning is expected and clarity of expressed values is to be appreciated. Freedom of the press is not just for commercial press. It is the citizen’s right to distribute His Free Speech.
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  Republican Attorney, Gary Richardson, gave a major address to Tulsa Area Republicans about the disastrous legislative session and the unconstitutional actions taken by Republican Legislative Leaders.  Just one week earlier, Richardson was standing in front of the justices of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, to make his constitutional argument for throwing out the revenue bills which violated Article Five of the Oklahoma Constitution.  Richardson […]

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Sooner Politics: The Case Against The Auto Tax Increase

   The Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a ‘slam dunk’ unanimous ruling in figurative ‘sound barrier speed’, on Thursday. they struck down a shameless money-grab which tried to cloak itself as a state-run smoking cessation program.  The newest and most controversial justice on the court, Patrick Wyrick, wrote a brilliant, plain-spoken, and thoroughly-reasoned opinion. Two justices partially dissented, but they did not elaborate. Wyrick wrote a masterpiece […]

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  Oklahoma’s statist politicians of both parties are at odds about where any more taxes should be confiscated. Liberty-minded politicians are trying to limit the oppressive powers of the state by only funding core constitutional mandates.  But they could all find a consensus in the regulating of the current cannabis industry which operates as a black market and pays no taxes at all.  Now, the true prohibitionists will oppose this idea in their sel […]

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  Rep Eric Proctor published this response to today’s Supreme Court Ruling, whereby the Tobacco Tax increase was struct down for violating constitutional requirements.   “Only if somebody would’ve said this was unconstitutional during the legislative session…..  It’s time to restore the gross production tax. No more free passes for the most wealthy industry in the world at the expense of our children, teachers, senior citizens, healthcare and public […]

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Rep Jason Murphey continues his weekly series on the 2017 session of the legislature…. This year’s legislative session was dominated by a group of “raise taxes at all costs” ideologues who deployed aggressive strategies to advance an array of principle-betraying tax and fee increases upon the people of Oklahoma.Last week I wrote in some detail about the strategy of freshman pawning: a technique for getting new legislators to buy into and own key parts of the tax i […]

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  The challenges to the recently passed taxes will be heard by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, this morning. the arguments will be aired live on the web. Sooner Politics will carry the feed on our site with the help of Youtube.  The first case will be heard at 9am. The court will hear the challenge from automobile dealers regarding the double tax on all car sales.At 10am the challenge from businesses and individuals regarding the tobacco tax increase […]

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Sooner Politics: Supreme Court Approves Webcast Of Tuesday Docket

The days of artist renderings of high court proceedings may be close to ending.  The Oklahoma Supreme Court, with the assistance of OETA will live-stream the  August 8th docket wherein 3 potentially landmark cases will challenge the legislature’s conduct during the spring 2017 regular session.  The cases will be heard in the historic chamber on the 2nd floor of the capitol building, directly under the room where the deeds in dispute were do […]

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Sooner Politics: The Freshmen Of 2012: Leading The House Downward

The incoming freshman class of 2012 in the Oklahoma House are noted for their ascent to leadership. There are just 8 of them, in all. This past winter they took over the House leadership and consolidated much of the power within their small group. There are only 8 of them (one Democrat and seven Republicans). Until this past session they had a composite score of better than 54%, in the Conservative Index.  But then they got power and position to set […]

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