David Van Risseghem has recreated the look and feel of a newspaper online for the Conservative movement in Oklahoma. He shares that the spectrum of Conservative vision will have diverse manifestations. Solid reasoning is expected and clarity of expressed values is to be appreciated. Freedom of the press is not just for commercial press. It is the citizen’s right to distribute His Free Speech.
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Oklahoma's Blaine Amendment Could Be Ruled Unconstitutional At US Supreme Court

  The high court, today, scolded a Missouri govt. policy which treated faith groups as non-citizens when it came to a govt. program to assist in providing playgrounds to the public.​  By a 7-2 vote, the justices sided with Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Missouri, which had sought a grant to put a soft surface on its preschool playground. The church was denied any money even though its application was ranked f […]

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Sooner Politics: House Platform Caucus Unveils Plans and Structure

The co-chairs of the House Platform Caucus are endeavoring to build an organization whereby it’s selected members can promote the Republican values of the OKGOP.
Chuck Strohm (R-Jenks) & Sean Roberts (R-Hominy) came to a local cafe’, to speak with the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly, on Tuesday night. They spoke of the events and conditions which fostered the organization’s development.
​  Strohm explained that matters came to a head in early April, and Strohm says he took the initiative to speak with House Speaker, Charles McCall, to explain and coordinate the mission of the group.

  “We do not wish to be obstructive.  I believe in ‘chain of command’ .” – Strohm

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Bridenstine's Allies Were On Gunman's List

 National news sources are confirming that several Freedom Caucus members were being hunted down by the shooter of Congressman Scalise and other Republicans in congress. list of Republican lawmakers’ namesPublished June 16, 2017 Fox News James Hodgkinson had an assassination list in his pocket when he shot Republican congressmen on Wednesday, a new report says.James Hodgkinson had an assassination list in his pocket when he shot Republican congressmen on…

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Platform Caucus Holds Tulsa Meeting With Voters

​  The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly June meeting will feature the co-chairmen of the Legislative Platform Caucus. Rep. Chuck Strohm & Rep. Sean Roberts will be the featured speakers at the Tuesday night meeting, in South Tulsa. This last Spring, several legislators made a pledge to uphold the Republican Platform in their roles as state legislators.  While the group is not yet formally registered as a minority caucus, there has been an outpo […]

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 Oklahoma’s High Court received the first of potentially many challenges to the several revenue bills being pitched as “merely” fees for a defined state service. The new tobacco assessments were designed in the last few hours of the 2017 regular session, after a major failure in bipartisan negotiations.Somehow the same $1.50 per pack that was pitched and rejected just a week earlier, got repackaged at the last minute as a simple fee, not intended to result in an […]

  The field of candidates has been large for the 2 vacant seats being decided, yet this summer.  David Brumbaugh suddenly passed away this spring. His widow, Shelley Brumbaugh is seeking to complete his term.   Seven other candidates believe they are the better choice. In August, we will see what the voters of Broken Arrow and east Tulsa want to do.  On June 20th, The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly will host a forum of the decl […]

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24 Lawmakers Said 'No' to Controversial Tax Ploys

There were 145 lawmakers wrangling with the pressure of the last week of regular session, last month. Budget committees tried to force massive new taxes and the governor added her pressure to the mix.  Along with the minority party exercising their leverage for an oil production tax, there were 24 solidly conservative lawmakers pushing back against a clear violation of the Republican party tenants of limiting government, rather than confiscating the […]

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Jerry Fent: 'The Strict Constructionist'

  An old retired Oklahoma attorney is keeping the legislature accountable. His name is Jerry Fent.  So far, Jerry believes he has saved the Oklahoma taxpayers nearly half a billion dollars.​  Jerry often pays the $200 filing fee out of his own pocket. He still has not recovered a single dime of attorney fees on any case he has won. “Every time I see some statute here in Oklahoma being approved by the Legislature, which appears to be unconst […]

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