Jamison Faught

MuskogeePolitico.com is operated by blogger Jamison Faught, and was started on July 31st 2008.

Faught is a lifelong Muskogee resident, and is a homeschool graduate. He and his wife Kristen have one daughter Carmen, born in July of 2015.

On the political side, Faught has volunteered on numerous campaigns, served as the chairman and organizer of the Muskogee Tea Party, and has been involved in both the Muskogee County Republican Party and the Oklahoma Republican Party for almost a decade. U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Muskogee) was the doctor who delivered him at birth (one could say Jamison was “doomed” from his first breath to become involved to some degree in politics), and his father (George Faught) has served four terms as the first Republican state representative in House District 14.

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