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I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma now, but I grew up in Texas. I was a cofounder of the Associated Conservatives of Texas in the 90’s, serve on the Traveling Liberty Bell board, was a co-founder of R3publicans in 2008, Constitutional Liberty Coalition (a multistate effort) and OKGrassroots in 2009. We are working together to restore the republic and proclaim liberty throughout the land!

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It's Time for Reforms - Let's stop throwing money into the wind Oklahoma!

Press conference at capitol with Senator Nathan Dahm and Senator Josh Brecheen on April 9 2018

Oklahoma taxpayers have been asked to shoulder a larger tax burden to pay our teachers and fund our schools – but the wind industry is fighting to keep its sweetheart deals and taxpayer handouts in addition to receiving a federal tax credit, property tax exemptions, and more. We should not be taking money out of the wallets of every Oklahoman by raising their taxes while continuing to cut a check for $70 million to the wind industry every year.

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Let’s stop throwing money into the wind Oklahoma!

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OVHC-PAC:  It's Do or Die!

Next Thursday (3/15) is the last day for the bills we are advocating for to be heard on the house floor. We need your action to make sure they pass!

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Restoring Representative Government - New Group with a Mission

New group with a mission – Restoring Representative Goverment. It is a Petition group, that should be a bipartisan effort attracting support from ALL sides.  Here’s the language:

Proposed Initiative Petition in the State of Oklahoma

Each Member of the State House of Representatives OR the State Senate shall have the unobstructed Right to a final vote on passage of a minimum of one Bill. This right applies in each Regular or Special Session, provided the primary Author requests such a vote in writing.

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OKGrassroots: Were you wondering if there is an election in your area Nov 7th?

If you are wondering if there is something to vote on tomorrow – you are not alone.  November 7th pops up on some calendars as an election day.  Some areas have something on a ballot and some do not.  Here is an easy way to find out by using the online voter tool.  This is such a useful tool that we keep it as a top tab item on our OKGrassroots website.

It is however a state government function and is found here >>>  Simply plug in your voter information (name and birthdate),  hit search and voila a sample ballot for you IF there is one.

Be an informed voter and do your research before you go to the polls.  When in doubt vote NO!

Happy voting IF there is something to vote on in your area!

OKGrassroots – Were you wondering if there is an election in your area Nov 7th?

Oklahoma Corporation Commission Website Shutdown Due to Cyber Attack

OKLAHOMA CITY — A cyber attack was detected this week at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, causing the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to shut the network down.

“Earlier this week, we detected a cyber event at the Corporation Commission,” said Shelley Zumwalt with OMES.

For about a week, employees with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission had no choice but to use pencils and paper, personal laptops or cell phones to enter information.

“As of a matter of caution, we took down their website,” Zumwalt said.

If you tried clicking on to the agency’s website, you likely saw a message that said the site couldn’t be reached.

Read more from KFOR news report here >>>

The original website link is/was

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Sooner Politics:  Moore than Strange in Alabama

Something ‘Moore than Strange’ happened in Alabama, tonight. Donald Trump was defeated by the very folks who still love his agenda. But the rock-solid base of evangelical conservatives showed they still call their own shots.

Roy Moore is perhaps the most courageous conservative politician in America, today. He is the former Chief Justice of the state supreme court. He defied federal judges several years ago when he placed a monument to civil law in the lobby of the court. But it was a ‘Ten Commandments’ replica and the federal courts had him thrown off the courts for it.

He’s back. He just defeated Trump’s Washington machine, using Steve Bannon to orchestrate a US Senate runoff win against an incumbent opponent who spent ten times as much money. Moore led all night and ended up a 10 point winner. the general election is in a couple months. the winner assumes the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he accepted the position of US Attorney General.

If you enjoy reading Steve Bannon’s gloating, you’ll love the articles in Breitbart, tonight!

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Final RESULTS in GOP primary runoff for Alabama’s US Senate seat:

Roy Moore 55% (262,204 votes) 

Luther Strange 45% (218,066 votes)

Nathan Dahm Campaign for Congress Quotes Benjamin -- Choose Wisely!

For more information on Nathan’s campaign for Congress visit his website.

On facebook, LaShelle shared this when she shared this graphic and summed up what many of us know about Senator Nathan Dahm. He is a friend to all AND stands strong on principles too!

God is my choice.
Here is an opportunity for you to share your support of a Godly man for Congress.
Nathan Dahm has worked hard for you as a State Senator in the Oklahoma Legislature. I am convinced he will work even harder for you as an Oklahoma Congressman.
Nathan brings to the table a wealth of experience.
He has run a family business supporting his parents in the mission field.
He has a good understanding of our global politics, with what I personally believe to be an emphasis on relations with Russia.
He understands the Constitution was written for limited power of the government with balances and checks in place to ensure the Government does not encroach on your individual freedom.
He understands the media and has a gift for bringing out the truth even in the presence of bullies. Just ask Piers Morgan. ( do a google search on Nathan’s conversation with Piers.)
My absolute favorite about Nathan is that he loves the Lord with all his heart and soul. He serves Him, his parents, his family and his constituents well above and beyond self.  (via LaShelle Severson on facebook)

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