Sandra Crosnoe

I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma now, but I grew up in Texas. I was a cofounder of the Associated Conservatives of Texas in the 90’s, serve on the Traveling Liberty Bell board, was a co-founder of R3publicans in 2008, Constitutional Liberty Coalition (a multistate effort) and OKGrassroots in 2009. We are working together to restore the republic and proclaim liberty throughout the land!

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Here's Where We Are...

A few weeks ago our feeds on OKGrassroots started working again and so I am once again seeing what can be done with the website. If you have thoughts on what is needed AND want to help make it happen, let’s talk! As for now, I am updating the look of the site and rearranging content so we shall see where it all goes. Having discussed matters with a few of you, I am pretty sure there is no political solution up ahead unless you see the return of Yahshua as a political solution! That however, is not an excuse to fail to stand up in the face of evil wherever you encounter it, be it the ballot box, the town square, your neighborhood, or anywhere else.

Good News! OKGrassroots is back up and running albeit not at top speed as yet. Feeds are coming through again though. We are rethinking our mission and how we can best serve you and our communities in Oklahoma. If you have thoughts in that regard, please drop us a note via Contact Us (top tab).


Sandra Crosnoe

OKGrassroots Announcement

We recently updated our website and the update caused an issue with our feed stream plugin. We apologize to our feed partners but we may be down indefinitely in that regard. As time permits, we will explore our options in this matter and keep you posted as decisions are made. Please pray for us in this matter and contact us if you have suggestions!

You may of course visit all of our feed stream partners on their originating sites! Posting will be a lot less frequent, but will continue for now; our archives will remain available.


Sandra Crosnoe

OK2A:  HB2597 ConSTITTutional Carry

OK State Capitol!… 1 pm Senate vote!… 5 pm photo on 2nd floor!

The Senate Floor session starts at 1:00 pm for the vote… make every effort to be there!

HB2597 Constitutional Carry looks VERY favorable to pass!

If you can’t make it for the vote, be there for the group photo with the Governor on the 2nd floor at 5 pm!

Please make every effort to be there to be a part of Oklahoma History!!

OKGrassroots/OK2A – HB2597 ConSTITTutional Carry