Porter H Davis (archive)

The Oklahoma Grassroots campaign is the inspiration of long-time political activist and blogger, Porter H. Davis. After earning his MBA in Organizational Behavior, Davis became a participant in Oklahoma’s political arena. From serving as an early State Chairman of the Libertarian party, to winning election as the Republican State Representative to House District 85, to founding a state-level public policy think tank, he is steeped in political tradition and practice. He’s made three trips to the Republican National Convention as a Delegate.

Porter’s search for solutions to our many problems has convinced him that the missing link to restoring limited, accountable government is strong, local precinct organizations focused around the town meeting. Further, that vision goes beyond politics to become a strong, cross-party, support structure for local communities.

The Precinct Leader

Finding Common Ground -- Liberty vs. Power

I had an interesting response to the last post from an old friend who describes herself as “progressive” politically. Although we’ve recently been Facebooking, my comments had not been directed at her. She’s been open and honest, as opposed to some of the smirking, snide, high school-like comments I’ve encountered elsewhere. But since I am finding this description adopted more and more by seemingly apostate Democrats, it may be helpful to examine her response, as well as mine.

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The title seemed natural to me, until I thought about it. “Out There”? As opposed to “In Here” where I live my daily life. I just reflected on the implications about spending so much of my time “out there,” where I try to stay somewhat abreast of our r…

Our enemy comes in many guises and uses diverse tactics to keep us bewitched and enslaved. Deception and Fear are first order tactics. Like two sides of the same coin, they keep us misdirected and/or passive. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, …