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Recap.  For the previous 4 installments of this blog I have discussed various aspects of a government based on the non(zero) aggression principle.  In some instances, examples of what this type of government would be contrasted with the aggressive government … Continue reading

A Modest Proposal Part 4

close borders no bordersImmigration.  While this was briefly discussed when covering citizenship, I’d like to look more deeply into the subject.  There are some who believe that immigration or migration should not be controlled in any way but that all should be free to immigrate at will.  I believe one of the reasons this is such a big issue at this time is the welfare structure instituted by the federal and state governments, using taxpayer funds to support non-citizens.  I recently read an article by Hans-Hermann Hoppe ( where he discusses this issue.  In its basic form, it is property rights that should be the primary driver.

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RECAP.  So, let me briefly recap what has been discussed. I am looking at a new form of governance which will maximize liberty and minimize government intrusion. We have looked at citizenship being a contract between the local (county) region … Continue reading