Weaponized Fourth of July

Seems like everything is weaponized these days. The NYT even joined in with Justice Elena Kagan to “weaponize” free speech on it’s front page. Well, here’s some free speech for ya. Happy Fourth of July!   IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America hen in the Course of

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Draining the Swamp

Trump’s draining the swamp by cutting  taxes and regulations. And now the economy is booming.

But he’s slapping tariffs on friends and foes alike. Friends can get exemptions. But to do that they have to hire lobbyists to work the bureaucratic maze.

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What Rocket Man Told Trump

Nobody but the translator really knows what Rocket Man told Trump at their summit in Singapore. But we do know Kim wouldn’t be there if not for his nuclear weapons. His nukes are how he communicates his fearsome awesomeness to the world. Communicators Speaking of communicating his fearsome awesomeness – where would President Trump be without

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Eagles Rodman Rocket Man

Maybe President Trump will un-cancel his meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, like he did his meeting with the Pyongyang Tyrant. It all had something to do with taking a knee during the National Anthem. Even though no Eagles took a knee. Eagles Rodman  Rocket Man Anyway, it turns out Kim’s best buddy, Denis Rodman, likes

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Thank You For Spying

Eric Holder’s Justice Department threatened Fox News Reporter James Rosen as a co-conspirator under the espionage act. Except Holder never really intended to charge Rosen. It was all a pretext to spy on his phone calls and emails to find out who in the government was leaking information to him. The Obama administration also spied

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President Obama Legacy

Aside from ObamaCare, most of President Obama’s legacy was achieved through executive fiat. Except for the Nobel Peace Prize. And even the guy responsible for that has had second thoughts. The Iran Nuclear deal would have had staying power as a treaty with two thirds U.S. Senate approval. But Obama couldn’t get that. So he settled for

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Michael Cohen Swamp Fox

Looks like Michael Cohen could afford to pay Stormy Daniels $130,000. Though, based on past behavior, I wonder if he first tried sell her access to the president for a future “encounter.” Swamp Fox According to The Hill he tried to hit up the Qatari government for a cool million in exchange for access. Also

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