First They Came for Your Guns, Now They Want Your Cutlery

The UK is experiencing a crime wave – murder by knife. So now there’s a call for reasonable knife control measures. And London Mayor Sadiq Khan stands ready to enforce them. Knife Control The mayor says, “there is never a reason to carry a knife.”  Not only that, “Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the

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Facebook Regulation

Facebook is getting hammered for colluding with the Trump campaign by allowing Cambridge Analytica to access its user data. But the Obama campaign was praised for similar data mining in 2012.

Facebook Regulation

Now Reason says Mark Zuckerberg is “going all in on government regulation:”

“The question,” he toldWired‘s Nicholas Thompson, “isn’t ‘Should there be regulation or shouldn’t there be?’ It’s ‘How do you do it?’” On CNN, he said, “I actually am not sure we shouldn’t be regulated. I think in general technology is an increasingly important trend in the world. I think the question is more what is the right regulation rather than ‘yes or no should we be regulated?’”

According to The Wrap Mark Zuckerberg lost another billion since I drew the cartoon.

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Driverless Cars Eliminate Human Error

A woman walking her bicycle was hit and killed by a driverless Uber.  So Uber and Toyota stopped testing driverless cars. But GM still says it will have a fleet sans drivers on the road in 2019. Human Error Meanwhile The Atlantic estimates driverless cars could save 300,000 lives per decade. Most vehicle accidents involve human

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Russian Youth Vote

Trump congratulated Putin on his re-election. It made him the longest serving Russian ruler since Stalin. Stalin no doubt would have admired Putin’s 74% take of the vote. But even that’s not as impressive as his 86% support among Russian young people. Young people in American used to be less skeptical of Russian leaders too. For…

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Hillary Can’t Let Go

Hillary can’t let go. In India last week she bragged that her 2016 voters accounted for 2/3 of GDP. They are the optimistic forward lookers while Trump’s Deplorables look backwards. And not only that, they don’t like black people getting rights. Or American Indians succeeding (talking to you Nikki Haley). As for their women? Their

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Rex Tillerson: The Final Insult

Former Secretary of State Tillerson says President Trump decided on his own to meet with Kim Jong Un. That was right after Tillerson publicly advised holding off on the meeting. Trump’s decision to fire Tillerson was his own idea too. Tillerson learned of it when he read the president’s tweet. Final Insult Calling Trump a

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