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Blogger Digs Into Sheriff Candidate's Odd Financing

Michael Bates; one of Oklahoma’s most established and respected political bloggers, has found some really strange details about a very well-funded campaign for Tulsa County Sheriff.

  Vic Rigalado has raised more money than all 9 other candidates COMBINED! But what’s really puzzling is that the money seems to come in large part from a small group of folks who are connected to a company located in another county.

“Why are the executives and employees of a Rogers County manufacturing company, many of whom don’t live in Tulsa County, so passionate, so willing to give sacrificially in support of a candidate for Tulsa County Sheriff?” 
– Michael Bates

And many of the very large contributions come from folks who own very modest residences.
You can study the matter in greater detail at Batesline.com.

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