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Tulsa GOP Selects New Leadership

  Tulsa businessman, David McLain, was the overwhelming choice of the Tulsa Republican delegates, at the county convention, today, at Jenks High School.Retired I.T. specialist, Terry Flattem, defeated chairman Mike Ford, to secure the Vice Chair office. Ford did not seek a 2nd term at the top spot.  Only one of the 6 incumbents in the Tulsa Republican party’s central committee was elected to another term in office. […]

Tulsa 9.12 Announcement - Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process - January 28th

Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process – January 28

The 2016 legislative session begins Monday, February 6, 2016 and we need to be prepared. There will be many bills that require our attention – being trained in how to be effective is necessary for success.

Amanda Teegarden’s Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process training classes are in-depth working sessions.

OKGOP Precinct Packets are Ready  - Online links and Information sent to Republican County Chairs

The packets are organized into 2 sections. The first section is for the County Chairman and is numbered as County Chairman’s Page 1-10. These pages are information for you to organize your meetings and convention. There is a CALENDAR OF EVENTS for deadlines as well as the State’s activities through the State Convention. Please keep the list of contact information for help with your meetings and convention.

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  The Tulsa affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI) is set to hold a public forum on Mental Health and the Tulsa Sheriff’s Office. The event is planned for 2-4pm, Sunday.  All of the filed candidates are eligible to partici…

Amanda Teegarden for State Senate District 39 -- A Great Lady with Wisdom for our Time

If you live in the Tulsa area and you were looking for a campaign to help with this season, may I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda Teegarden to you. I have worked with Amanda for several years on political issues and with various groups and campaigns. I am pleased to see her now running for office herself. She has taught me (and many others) a lot about legislative process, and political philosophy. She also has been a great role model to me in exhibiting grace without compromising principle. Wisdom in action is so needed on all fronts these days!

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Tulsa Markets A Tax Increase With Sailboats, Lighthouses, and Resorts

Get ready for Tulsa’s Next marketing blitz for bigger government and crony capitalism. Vision2025 needs more money

  Within weeks, Tulsa’s city council and the mayor will be making a visionary pitch for an expanded and oppressive tax to benefit the chosen few.

And this time they will bring the sailboats back.
  In the early 1980s, The notion of a massive special tax was promoted in the Tulsa newspapers using make-believe ideas that the Arkansas River would become a massive urban lake adjacent to the downtown and Brookside neighborhoods. And the sailboats were suggested as a virtual reality, if Tulsa dug deep and gave over 1% more of all their disposable income.

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The Men Who Would Be Sheriff

The 7 Republican Sheriff candidates – KOTV event photo

  Tulsa County citizens had their first opportunity to sort out the many options vying to be elected as the next Tulsa County Sheriff. Tulsa County Republican Mens’ Club organized the event with the help of Brookside Baptist Church, SoonerPolitics, Tulsa World, and Tulsa Frontier.

KOTV provided news coverage. Randy Krehbiel of the
Tulsa World and David Van Risseghem of Sooner Politics joined
Ziva Branstetter of Tulsa Frontier, as media panelists.

  I drew the first spot and asked the first question of the night. I decided that a good opener would be to ask the candidates what parts of the sheriff’s office gets too many resources and what aspects need more resources. Their responses were good, but few actually got to specifics or numbers.

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