R3publicans:  Sealed indictments coming unsealed. Takedown in progress.  Majors leaving country or going to prison…

Language warning! BUT very important news – The Cabal is going down. Takedown in progress. Sealed indictments coming unsealed. Majors leaving country or going to prison… Here is David Seaman celebrating the win — I hope and pray true news!!!

FYI David Seaman is part of the team bringing the “Q Drops” to the public through the web sites he and his team managed. If you don’t know who Q is go to a previous post. -> Q Anon (and the Deep State) for Dummies

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R3publicans:  What is “Fake News”

Where do we get our news? ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX? How about Twitter, Facebook. YouTube? Does consensus of the news validate it? In other words if you see the same news on many channels does that mean it is more likely to be true? Watch this very short video and if you think this is a little creepy and want to know why it is the way it is, go to this previous article of mine.
US Government Legalized Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Impersonate the Media (Part1)

This is probably the MOST important video you can watch right now.

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R3publicans:  Left and Right – Divergent Realities

Have you ever thought that the Left live in a different reality? Their understanding of the world is totally different than ours? For the most part I blame that on the “Mockingbird Media”. If you don’t know what that means look up “Operation Mockingbird“. Although they deny it, it still goes on today. “TheLastRefuge” is a commentator on Twitter who sums up the situation with two memes that are ongoing today. The two memes are “Donald Trump colluded with the Russians” and “The FBI and DOJ tried to subvert the will of the people and target Donald Trump”.

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R3publicans:  What is AG Jeff Sessions doing about the apparent corruption in the previous Obama Administration?

The veil of secrecy in the Attorney Generals Office makes people think that Jeff Sessions is sitting on his hands and nothing will ever get accomplished. The fact that it appears the previous administration was involved with the corruption of the FBI, DOJ, the apparent fake dossier, and that dossier being used to convince the FISA Court to allow the unmasking of the Trump Administration (i.e. Uncovering the collected NSA wiretapping information) complicates the effort. In order to not have his own efforts questioned it behooves the Attorney General to proceed in a manner that is without a doubt fair and impartial. The following article describes how Attorney General Sessions may be constructing the organization to do just that.

Senator Jeff Sessions Confirms Prior Appointment of “DOJ Prosecutor” to Parallel IG Horowitz, NOT a Special Counsel…
Posted on March 8, 2018 by sundance.

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