Important Message Regarding C-19

By Pastor Daniel Navejas Let’s begin with a question:How many good, innocent people who are loved dearly have to die as a result of using f@u€€i’s medical protocol for cVd?? Remdesivir is poison!! It causes renal failure which looks like pneumonia and when … Continue reading

No Trespassing Signage

This was posted on FB by Don Spencer on July 16th. Many of you wanted a .jpg of it, so here it is! Right-click on the image and select to download as picture.
 If you’re not on social, here’s the post!
The post No Trespassing Signage first …

Bill Filed Lowering Age to 18 for Constitutional Carry

We at OK2A would like to thank State Senator Nathan Dahm for introducing SB1093 to return the rights of Oklahomans and Americans.

If you can lawfully vote or lawfully acquire a gun, then you should be able to carry it.

Don Spencer