Clinton Revision

Bill Clinton survived impeachment thanks to feminists. For them, his defense of abortion rights trumped sexual assault. But now the Clinton’s are out of power and the views are a-changing. Clinton Revision Michelle Goldberg led the Clinton revision charge with a NYT piece announcing she believes Juanita Broaddrick’s claim that Bill raped her. Mathew Yglesias writes in

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Washington Swamp’s Toxic Masculinity

It’s toxic masculinity week in Washington.
Damon Linker in The Week points out that The U.S. House of Representatives has already paid $15 million in sexual harassment settlements. And he says Al Franken is just the beginning of a “hur…

Latino Victory Fund Scares Elephants

A moderate Democrat beat a moderate Republican to win the governor’s race in Virginia last week. Latino Victory Fund But a campaign ad by the Latino Victory Fund was anything but moderate. It featured an Ed Gillespie stand-in chasing minority children in a pickup truck. The ad only ran once but the Latino Viciory Fund

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Paul Manafort Swamp Creature

Special Counsel Robert Mueller busted Paul Manafort on Monday. The charges included money laundering, tax evasion and failure to register as a foreign agent. But there was no mention of President Trump colluding with Russians to steal the election. Which Trump was quick to tweet. What he didn’t tweet is why he hired a swamp

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Flake Wouldn’t Rather Fight Than Quit

Republican Jeff Flake gave a speech on the Senate floor condemning the behavior of President Trump. He called him reckless, outrageous and undignified. Trump responded, “Yes, and your point is?” Just kidding. Flake’s Republican colleague, Senator Bob Corker, chimed in on his own that Trump “debases the country”. Finally, Flake called out Trump, “Mr. President,

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Dossier Doozy

In 1980 Ronald Reagan debated George H W Bush in the New Hampshire primary. The debate was sponsored by the Nashua Telegraph. But the FEC ruled it violated election regulations. So the Reagan Campaign took over sponsorship of the debate. When the day of the event arrived chairs were only arranged for Reagan, Bush and

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Assignment Niger

Last week most of  the media focused on an Empty Barrel in a sequined cowboy criticizing President Trump’s call to comfort a war widow. But wanted to know why we have troops in Niger. Good question. Niger It turns out the U.S.military is stretched all over the place trying to fill vacuums before Islamic extremists

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